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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why when we pronounce the Tetragrammaton, the four letter name of the Creator (HaVaYaH– יהוה), in Hebrew, do we say “Yod-Khey-Vav-Khey,” replacing the sound “h” with “kh”?

Answer: There is nothing special about it; the people do it just out of respect for the Creator. This is also customary in the wisdom of Kabbalah. You don’t call your father by his first name, do you? Rather, you address him as “father,” and in a similar manner, you address the Creator.

But in truth, all of the names that we attribute to the Creator are manifestations of the Upper Light relative to us. We regard them as “Boreh,” the Creator, because the word “Boreh” consists of two words: “Bo” (come) and “Reh” (see). In other words, you do not name Him, but rather the occurrence you experience within your properties (Kelim, vessels). The Light that works on you evokes in you certain sensations, and you assign names to them.

After all, what does “the merciful Creator” mean? I feel that now He is treating me particularly so, with such compassion. But whether He is really merciful is unknown to me. All I know is that to me, for instance, He has shown mercy. Therefore, all the Creator’s names are my reaction to the Upper Light’s influence upon me.

Additionally, “Elokim” is Bina;HaVaYaH” is Zeir Anpin, and “AdniMalchut. These are phenomena that are revealed to us from the upper system. What we call “the Creator” is the manifestation of a certain force that is upper relative to us, not what sets this force in motion. The Creator’s essence, Azmuto, cannot be revealed to us.

In short, “a judge has only what his eyes can see!” When you get to know the Creator, you will find names for Him yourself since it is we who name phenomena manifested by the Upper Light.
From the Introductory Lecture in Netanya 12/12/2010

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  1. Rav, why is it said the name is pronounced “HaVaYaH?” It seems that would make the letters Hey-Vav-Yod-Hey, instead of Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey.

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