Why the Creator and not God?

222Question: Inna asks, “Why do you always say “‘the Creator‘ and not ‘God’?”

Answer: In order to separate the name “God,” which exists in all religions, beliefs, and for all people in general, from the Creator, whom we recognize as a force, the upper, single, and perfect force that created us for a specific purpose.

God is something that exists above us and somehow controls everything. And the Creator is precisely the one who creates. In every second, He creates this world, creates it as if anew. The Creator is a much more personal concept.

God is something like… God! He is outside of me and He constantly exists. The Creator, however, is obligatory, coercive, and expects something from me.

Question: What does He expect from me?

Answer: That I will start demanding corrections from Him. That I will discover that I am completely dependent on Him and only He can give me the state in which I will be similar to Him.

I ask Him to do something and He does. Can you imagine?! On the one hand we are powerless and on the other hand we govern.

Question: Does it mean that I cannot do anything by myself?

Answer: But no one can do anything without me either. That is, I cannot do anything, yet without me asking, demanding, and instructing, nothing will happen.

Question: But how will I ask? How can I ask the Creator to do something?

Answer: Force Him! “My sons defeated Me.” It is in this way that we begin to feel that we are His children and that He created us precisely for such a role. All this is, of course, amazing.

Question: At the beginning you said “not God,” because God for all people is a personal perception. Do you not want a person to be in this perception?

Answer: No. The Creator is the one who creates. He brings the entire creation back to life at every moment. This is why we have to react to this every minute and feel and see the Creator’s creation every second.

The Creator in Hebrew is “Bo u-Reh” (“Come and see”). You have to come, reveal, and see. That is, it is a more extensive name, which has movement in it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/28/22

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