Psychological Self-Complacency

543.02Question: Psychologists say that happy people during a streak of bad luck think things like: “It could have been even worse.” Therefore, they quite easily cope with a streak of failures. Do you think this method is correct?

Answer: No, by no means do I believe that running away from the correct work with egoism will lead us to a good life.

We all similarly have to think about how to rise a step above egoism, and then we will be fine. Whereas, running away from all sorts of egoistic corrections and disturbances is not correction and is not a way to a better life.

Comment: Yet, people say, “If you think that it could really be much worse than it is now or that the other one has it even worse,  it helps.”

My Response: This is absolutely right. But this is not a method of correction, it is simply psychological self-complacency.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/24/22

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