Tune in to Positive Thinking

630.2Question: Many researchers in the field of psychology say that lucky people are extroverts who are charged with positive emotions from communicating with other people, from making new connections. Is there a direct connection between luck and communication with other people?

Answer: Yes. In general, humanity has long understood this: if you want to be happy, be happy. It all depends on the person.

Comment: One of the distinguishing features of lucky people is to evaluate luck even when unpleasant events occur.

My Response: Relatively, we must understand that everything that happens occurs by the supreme will.

Therefore, we need to treat everything as it is said: Everything that is done is for the best. In everything, try to tune yourself to a positive way of thinking, try to connect with the Creator who is an absolutely positive upper force that controls everything.

Then I can feel and constantly discover myself in the field of influence of a good upper force.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/24/22

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