How to Pray Through a Group?

528.03Question: How can one pray through a group?

Answer: Prayer is a request. You can use any words, any thoughts. It comes from within. How is it possible to explain how to pray? It is felt in the heart.

You do not have to say any words or perform any actions. You must bring yourself to a state where you will have the most correct desires at the moment in the course of your development. If they are correct, they will invite maximum reforming light upon you, and it will lead you further.

At every given moment when you reveal your desire for correction, correction descends upon you. The next moment you reveal again the desire for correction and the correction comes.

This desire should not be artificial because you create such a strong inner tension, such a desire for unity, for being similar to the light, that it begins to influence your desire and correct it.

The entire chain of human development consists of this alternation of your aspiration for correction and the response of the light.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How to Pray?”

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