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931.01Question: One of the biggest celebrations for Jews is the holiday of Shavuot when the people received the Torah at Mount Sinai.

In general, it is a great event for the world because it can be said that everything began with this. How do you define this celebration for the world?

Answer: For the world I cannot define it in any way because the world does not know anything about it, has not taken it, and does not take any part in it to this day. People of Israel, also, I would not say that they especially celebrate this holiday. It is just a celebration of the giving of the Torah.

But receiving the Torah is a completely different matter. It comes individually to everyone when each one, if they understand what it is, agrees to take upon themselves the instructions and the advice that the Torah gives to a person. Then, indeed, a person gradually begins to organize an inner understanding of what the Torah is and what it gives him. And then he can celebrate it.

Comment: It turns out that I was wrong when I said “receiving.” You corrected me. It is the giving of the Torah. Receiving is a whole process that will continue.

My Response: This is from below up. The giving is from the top down. Meaning, giving is something that the Creator does, so to say. And receiving is what I have to come to, to get it.

Question: Then tell me how to do it. I know the sources say that the people stood as one man with one heart, this was their state, and at that moment they received the instruction of life, so to say.

Do we have to get to this state in order to start revealing something?

Answer: Of course. All this is said not about the past, but about the future.

Question: Can today’s shattered, scattered world not even imagine what is there at all?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Your constant phrase that we should come to these good ties, to connect with each other, is this precisely so that we can begin this process of receiving the Torah, by and large?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What will we get then? The set of laws is clear to me.

Answer: This is not just a set of laws. We will get a completely new attitude toward relationships between people and the relationship of each person toward the world. This is love. “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Everything that is placed there consists only of this.

Comment: It turns out that you reduce the Torah to one thing practically. You said: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

My Response: Yes. This means coming to a state where we are completely connected by love, care, and mutual complicity with each other, all the people together.

The Torah represents the upper force, the upper light, which, to the extent of our efforts and our diligence to get closer and unite, affects us and helps us to achieve such a state of connection.

All that is required of us is effort and diligence, i.e., striving for it. Then we will be able to attract this upper light, the upper force. And it will correct us and connect us with others, with all the people of the world.

Question: Does it depend on us, on me? Or is my effort a gift from above?

Answer: From above is an offer: if you want, you will get it. But it depends on us to accept it and implement it.

Question: What do you think is the current stage of the Jewish people and the world in this process of receiving the Torah?

Answer: I would say not so far away because we have passed the path of the revelation of evil, which is the extent of our nature being opposite of the nature of the Torah, love, connection, mutual assistance, and so on. That is why we do not have much left to do. We just need to draw a conclusion from what we have gone through and with the revelation of the evil of our nature, take upon ourselves the law of mutual love.

Question: We approach, as they say, this mountain, Mount Sinai.

What is Mount Sinai?

Answer: Mount Sinai, the mountain, this is clear, and “Sinai” is from the word “hate,” a mountain of hate that we must rise above.

Humanity must approach this huge mountain of hatred and rise above it. Then they will be able to connect with each other in one single system, in one single nation, and achieve absolute happiness.

Question: Are you saying the whole of humanity into one nation?

Answer: Yes, because the Torah generally speaks about all the people on Earth.

Question: When you say Torah, does everyone imagine a book?

Answer: No. The Torah is a system of correction of all people, up to their complete connection with each other.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/18/23

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