Two-Way Motion

243.05What does it mean to move in spirituality? This is when you are both in a state of maximum bestowal to the teacher and you can receive from him, and in a state of maximum bestowal to everyone else and then they connect to you as they involuntarily transmit to you their desires, their inner aspirations.

Therefore, on one hand you accept huge desires from them, meaning, you are filled with huge desires for spirituality, and on the other hand you get a connection with a higher source from which you can receive.

Being between these two elements of the universe, the higher and the lower, you grow. After all, each of us is nothing but an adapter between the highest and the lowest.

Look how it happens in our generations! What are generations and what is “I”? “I” is me plus my wife who were born from the previous generation, and now we give birth and raise the next generation. If we don’t do this, then there won’t be a generation.

So it is in the spiritual. Each generation is evaluated by how much it can get everything from the previous one and develop a more perfect future out of itself. This is its merit.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Should I Believe Laitman?” 3/27/11

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