Coronavirus Is Changing Reality, Part 6

laitman_560What should a person know in the new world?

Question: What should a person know in the new world that we suddenly found ourselves in?

Answer: There is only one good action – coming closer to each other, and only one evil action – rejection and distancing from each other.

Question: If I know the purpose of existence and can explain to myself the causes of the coronavirus, will it help?

Answer: It is very simple. After all, the coronavirus or any other problems that will manifest between us are only the results of our incorrect connections. Therefore, there is no need to be wise and learn something special. Just one demonstration of our evil connections with each other is enough.

Question: Let’s say a person listened to our program, then what? Should he say, “That’s it, now I am starting to treat everyone well”?

Answer: This will not help him because he cannot change his nature. People can only change their nature by placing themselves under a positive influence regularly. To do so requires regularly listening to our channel and letting it cleanse our thoughts and feelings.

Question: Are you saying that we need to learn to be in the correct connection?

Answer: Of course.

Question: Could it be that we will not return to the old world in which we lived and this virus will not end?

Answer: Naturally.

Question: However, there is an opinion that in a few weeks it will get warmer and everything will be alright. Who knows? Humanity has been through many such cataclysms.

Answer: Then there will be a different one. Nature will not leave us alone. It will happen out of the blue, like this virus. Who would have thought that it would appear? It emerged so suddenly and unexpectedly. For example, when we started the World Kabbalah Convention in Israel toward the end of February, there was practically nothing. And when we finished it, a week later, there already was a panic in Israel and worldwide.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus is Changing Realty, Part 6,” 3/12/20

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