At The Meeting Point Between The Right Line And The Left Line

laitman_224Baal HaSulam, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”: Thus, it has been made clear that the revelation of the Creator is not a one-time disclosure, but an ongoing matter that is revealed over a period of time, sufficient for the disclosure of all the great degrees that appear from Above downwards and from below upwards. On top of them, and at the end of them, appears the Creator.

It is like a person proficient in all the countries and people in the world, who cannot say that the whole world has been revealed to him before he has completed his examination of the last person and the last country. Until one has achieved that, one has not attained the whole world.

Similarly, the attainment of the Creator unfolds in preordained ways. The seeker must attain all those ways in both the Upper and the lower.

The goal of our development is the attainment of the Creator. If He could be revealed at once, swallowed at once…. But it is forbidden. It is in the gradual understanding of His true and inverse properties, and again, true and inverse, in the transition from the left to the right line, and at this meeting point between them that the attainment of the Creator begins.

It is difficult to explain, but it comes to a person from his practical sensation. Just like in our world we can talk a lot about what we learn, what we comprehend, but when we actually comprehend something, this feeling cannot be conveyed. It was as if born in you because you comprehend it. And one who does not comprehend does not feel anything. In other words, this is not just knowledge but a derivative of the effort.

Therefore, the revelation of the Creator is built precisely on not being afraid of the friction between “I understand—I do not understand,” between “true—false.” The main thing is the effort. When you constantly make efforts and try to literally beat your head against the wall, then they gradually create properties in you where the Creator is revealed.

But the revelation of the Creator does not happen directly. Baal HaSulam writes: “This is not a one-time action but rather a gradual revelation of all the huge levels during a certain length of time.” This means that the important thing is not to retreat, and then, eventually, you will have internal prerequisites for the revelation of the Creator.

Question: What are the right efforts? What should I attach them to?

Answer: The goal of all your efforts is to try together with your friends to find the common ground between you, which is called the center of the circle, the center of the ten.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/12/20

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