Artificial Intelligence Is Worse than the Atomic Bomb

273.01In the News (NBC News): “In making Oppenheimer, writer and director Christopher Nolan said it became apparent that the moral quandaries posed by artificial intelligence mirrors those faced by Robert Oppenheimer, whose story about developing the atomic bomb is told in the movie… .

“As Oppenheimer developed the weapon in the early 1940s, the theoretical physicist faced backlash and uncertainty from the U.S. military and Congress, much like the tech industry is facing today in its race to make artificial intelligence more powerful, Nolan said in a recent interview… .

“‘When I talk to the leading researchers in the field of AI right now, for example, they literally refer to this as their Oppenheimer moment,’ Nolan said. ‘They’re looking to his story to say “OK, what are the responsibilities for scientists developing new technologies that may have unintended consequences?”’”

Question: Please explain why our intentions never match the results?

Answer: Because we consider ourselves good and fail to understand that our nature is inherently bad!

We think that we can mediate between ourselves, that we can be in the middle between bad and good qualities, and so on. In other words, we think that we are, in principle, not bad people. But in reality, of course, there is no one worse and more stupid than us.

We want to obtain cheap energy, we create a bomb; we want to develop medicine, we create chemical weapons, and this is how everything happens.

Question: I have a question: Where and when does the turning point occur? At what moment?

Answer: It is when a person discovers that the result of his actions will be the destruction of the beautiful future that he was building for himself. But it’s already too late.

Question: And at what point does this happen? When he suddenly sees a bomb explode in New Mexico?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And a second before that, he didn’t feel that?

Answer: He could not.

Question: Even could not? Meaning that he is suddenly shown in actuality what he did?

Answer: Yes, nothing could be done.

Question: In general, it’s a pity, a pity for Oppenheimer too, to be honest.

Answer: Certainly! A huge number of people discover the end of their good impulses, plans, and so on.

Question: If we know this, can we turn it around?

Answer: No, we don’t feel. We will be deceived a thousand more times!

Question: Even if a person hears and says, “Oh, how right he is!”, he will still go…

Answer: Yes, we don’t feel it. It has to be in faith above reason! This should be only from the perspective of Kabbalistic views on human nature.

Question: Meaning that without knowledge of human nature, simply by my decision: “I will do this— kindly,” will it not work?

Answer: No. You understand it yourself that this is not how it works.

Question: What are the actions then? How can we adjust the world a little so that our intentions coincide at least a little?

Answer: Ban it! Just forbid everyone.

Question: So now you treat the world like children?

Answer: Even worse than children. Children do not have such capabilities.

Question: It’s clear. Here the hand is in the fire, and it is necessary to hit the hand?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Simply to forbid it?

Answer: How else could this be done?

Comment: Ban the development of artificial intelligence because it will harm.

My Response: This is horrible! It is worse than an atomic bomb.

Comment: I don’t even know how to continue.

My Response: And there is nothing to continue. It is better to just ban it and that’s it. “Collect all the books, and burn them.”

Question: Okay, banned. During this period, from prohibition on, perhaps a small permission, and another small permission, what should happen?

Answer: During this period, we are obliged to educate people in faith above reason.

Question: No one will understand this phrase “faith above reason.”

Answer: It does not matter. But there is such a condition that if you want to develop exactly in a good way, without causing any harm to anyone, you must go forward and reveal nature in faith above reason.

This phrase “faith above reason” is the main, decisive cornerstone here!

If we understand how to treat nature and ourselves correctly in faith above reason, then we will do everything only good for ourselves, others, and nature.

Question: You don’t even want to explain? You want this phrase to be imprinted in a person, and that’s it. And then we’ll figure it out?

Answer: Yes. Anyway, it is hard to discern it. It takes a person years and years and years.

Question: I know that your teacher kept repeating: “Faith above reason. Faith above reason.” Even among the great sages is this phrase relevant?

Answer: Of course! Before all of us there is no other task than to climb this step, on faith above reason.

Comment: Let’s say there is knowledge that a person can do good to people, knowledge that I will be able to, and you say: “It’s all necessary…”

My Response: Not to use.

Question: And what can we believe in?

Answer: First, the very thorough and proper mastering of the method of obtaining faith above reason, and after that, already develop your toys, Oppenheimer’s and all sorts of others.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/31/23

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