Principle Of Sodom—Not To Help Others In Anything

120Question: In Kabbalah, every word has a spiritual meaning since we are talking about spiritual states. Everyone knows the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Naturally, they also existed in the corporeal world. However, I would like to talk not about corporeal consequences, but rather about spiritual roots.

What is the spiritual root of the phenomenon of Sodom and Gomorrah? Is it possible to call it not a phenomenon, but a state?

Answer: Yes, this is a condition that each of us has partially.

Sodom is a place near the Dead Sea, famous for the fact that events described in the biblical legends took place there. In this city, all its inhabitants were obliged to live by a certain rule: not to help others in anything. This is one of the types of communication between people.

In principle, we understand the way of life when people communicate with each other to receive certain benefits from this for themselves by exchanging with each other, or in some production cycles, or in anything at all.

There is another approach when I do not touch you and you do not touch me. At any level. You have no right to ask for a blade of grass, a speck of dust, or a piece of anything from others; all this is absolutely forbidden. Anyone who does not fulfill this condition is ostracized, thrown out of society or immediately put to death.

Question: So, was this a law or do I give if I want and do not give if I do not want?

Answer: Yes. A person should not have had this even in his thoughts! This is the attitude of people who lived according to the principle of Sodom.

Question: Does this principle exist to some extent in each of us?

Answer: No. If you use it only to a certain extent, then this is not Sodom. Its condition is that you have no right to help anyone in anything. The Bible gives an example of such a society.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/7/21

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