The Correct Algorithm Of Behavior

707The correct algorithm of behavior is harmony with nature from which we will understand what the “human” level means. We see and study the animal level. And what does the “human” level mean? We do not know how nature created it.

Inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature exist instinctively, they are subject to strict laws that are implemented unquestioningly. And man was created with freewill in order to learn from nature how he should act, agree with, and perform these actions. Then he will be happy.

The law of equilibrium is the basic law of all nature. If there is no balance, then problems immediately arise. As in our body, the pressure goes up, the temperature rises, some other parameters change, and a person immediately falls ill, since his internal systems are not balanced.

We are the same with regard to nature. Heat, cold, change in atmospheric pressure, natural disasters, all these are changes between different systems of nature.

Nature created us so that we ourselves can discover the formula for our balance with it. And then we will become as absolute, harmonious, perfect, and even eternal, as nature itself. But we must get to this by ourselves.

Question: Is the “human” level the level of balance with nature?

Answer: Absolutely! Moreover, it is according to man’s choice, man’s effort, unlike all other parts of nature that are in natural, instinctive balance with it.

Having reached balance with nature, a man will receive complete pleasure. All his desires will be fulfilled.
From KabTV’s “Close-up” 8/19/09

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