Toward Harmony With Nature

laitman_448.4Question: What is your prediction regarding climate regulation? What awaits us? Is there something to strive for?

Answer: I see no special solution in the actions that climatologists propose. I do not think that human egoism, especially at the government level, in the modern world, with the current politics, will allow an opportunity to somehow negotiate and solve emerging problems. I do not believe in that at all.

On the contrary, we see that from year to year there is a stupefaction of governments. They are not able to understand and manage the processes that take place. Therefore, we see the emergence of growing problems.

As I see it, people will begin to realize that they have no other choice but to get closer to each other in making decisions. This will force those in power and governments to change their behavior, and maybe then countries and governments will get closer to each other. And most importantly, from all the problems and suffering, the awareness will emerge in people that unification is the only salvation.

But not just because it is good that we help each other, but because by uniting we connect to nature harmoniously. After all, each part of nature, except humans, is harmonious and completely interconnected. Only human society opposes nature with its egoism.

When we realize, from our internality, that this is the cause of all problems, this realization will lead us to harmony with nature. And everything will be balanced.

For that to happen, we must introduce the education of people as an integral part of the world. I consider this to be a necessity.
From KabTVs “Together About the Main. Prognoses” 9/1/17

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