The Climate—Are They Hiding The Truth From Us?

Laitman_702_01The climate is the biggest mystery in the modern world. It is hidden from all and classified in secrecy in government offices and among scientists involved in this research and statistics collection.

Nature is preparing us for a future surprise that people are better off not knowing about it. We can’t be saved from the influence of the climate on us, not as in the case of a nuclear bomb in which it’s possible to wait until the danger has passed. And it is not like a brief turbulence in the weather: a storm, hurricane, tempests, or earthquakes. Instead, the climate will be going to a completely different level for which we are not suitable. For example, the temperatures will reach 70 degrees centigrade (158 degrees Fahrenheit) accompanied by a huge lack of oxygen in the atmosphere. As a result, there will suddenly be a huge, rapid multiplication of hordes of insects, rats, cockroaches, and internal bacteria and we will have no ability to deal with them.

Question: So what can be done?

Answer: There is nothing for us to do except for one thing: to rise above the forces of nature. This is possible if we take it upon ourselves to awaken the forces that are found above nature. If nature is going out of balance on this level, it is only possible to restore it from the next level!

Einstein said that it is necessary to rise to the next level. From there it will be possible to bring the previous levels to a state of stability and balance and then manage it.

Question: Does this mean that nature is pushing us to the next level?

Answer: Certainly! Our refuge is only through rising to the next level. The imbalance in nature is due to a laxity in the connection between us. This has resulted in our neglect to the opportunity to control it, the possibility of bringing ourselves and all of nature into balance. In fact, we are contributing to this imbalance. But we can also correct it on our own only if we exit to the next level.

And if we don’t choose to do this, we will continue on the path of suffering where natural disasters and war will erupt. Only a minimal number of people in the world are capable of understanding the situation and will begin to change themselves. But this number is sufficient to overcome the situation. Even this small amount of people must awaken, ascend, and get closer to each other, making them into a serious system.

We in the Bnei Baruch organization through our Kabbalah Education Centers are trying to gather all the true Kabbalists of the world. But we are still not able to bring all of these people to a level in which they feel a tremendous responsibility toward themselves and all people, and mainly towards the highest power of nature. This is very important.

There are no other ways of reaching this other than compelling people who can unite and create the correct system of mutual connection between them to carry out such an operation! If we don’t do this internally, then through the peoples of the world, through all of humanity, nature will begin to push us and it will be terrible! So we are working in this direction and I hope we will succeed.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/3/16

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