How Can We Protect Children From The Cruel World?

627.2Question: How do we protect children from the cruel world?

Answer: Only by providing them with the basics of Kabbalistic knowledge. There’s nothing else!

Believe me that any other knowledge and instruction have no power. Only if you familiarize a person with the wisdom of Kabbalah and they begin to understand why and for what purpose everything revolves in the world, what the world is going through, and how it comes to an end, only by this you provide them with the best life insurance.

In our community there are a lot of children who were born here and are now parents themselves. I’m happy to see the second generation born.

I remember the birth of the kids who are fathers now, and I see that all this is not in vain. Our children do not move away from us. It happens that they disconnect from us for some time, but they come back to our community nonetheless. They understand us and approve of us.

You will not see any other society in the world in which parents, children, and grandchildren would be so interconnected, and this happens because we have common goals, a common method, a common life, a common group, a common Creator, a community. Therefore, take my advice: Try to organize all this, and you will become unique anywhere in the world, a good example for all.

Question: Do you mean to say that there can be true friendship between fathers and sons?

Answer: I cannot say anything about true friendship, but the wisdom of Kabbalah connects people to each other. This occupation, which is common for a father and son, is above our world. Therefore, it is necessary to try all means possible to educate a child, and set an example.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/11/16

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