Deceive Yourself

laitman_942Question: What should be done if someone in the group deliberately works against unity?

Answer: Within each person, there is an egoistic force that repels him from others, tricks him, and lowers the importance of connection.

We can say as much as we like: ”Yes, I must, I have to, I will do something,” but in reality do nothing. After all, I can’t force myself to open up to friends and begin to connect with them.

This means that we should try to create such alternative states so that the friends would obligate me to take action.

Thus, we should not only understand those people who have strong intolerance for the group, but also to a fight against egoism. Uniting with the group is the main problem. Here, egoism stands firmly on its positions.

Some people have a different problem. They can easily connect externally. It is easy for them to hug and sing. But they cannot overcome an inner barrier. Moreover, they don’t even feel that this barrier exists in them.

So, at every stage everyone has their own obstacles. What can you do? Try to deceive yourself.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/30/16

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