Kabbalistic Approach To Perceiving The Reality

214Question: What is included in the individual consciousness and what is included in the collective one?

Answer: Individual and collective consciousness are usually considered from the point of view of psychology and disclosure of reality. In Kabbalah we are dealing with somewhat different things. Here we must change our primordial natural properties and give them a completely different possibility of perception.

Then it turns out that people who can change their perception of reality, that is, receive reality unperturbed by their egoism, perceive it as it is. The rest of the people, born in egoism, receive a reality that passes through their selfish desires. Accordingly, it is modeled in them, and through this modulation, it is perceived by a person according to how he wants to see it.

So, the difference is very big. All scientists and all existing sciences are in an egoistic reality, and naturally Kabbalists do not have a common field of communication with them due to completely different conditions of perception. Therefore, it is impossible to talk about something in general.

Any science is not just an individual comprehension by a person, but is the extension of data to other people who are in the same style of perception, and they can perceive, reflect, and visualize. Therefore, Kabbalah is secret science. It is revealed only to those who comprehend it in their new properties.

I cannot imagine how can some addition to other sciences can be made from it or somehow connect with them. After all, a person must acquire new properties.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah”, 3/29/19

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