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Don’t Believe! Check It Out!

627.1Question: Today there is a massive denial of scientific knowledge, belief in something. The world is confused, people have to choose how and what to believe. We do not believe in the safety of vaccines. Coronavirus is fiction, and if not fiction, then science is powerless. We no longer believe in doctors, but in unofficial science, shamans, predictors.

Do you know how many methods to cure coronavirus are there? A huge number! A million views! Everywhere it is written: “I am cured”, “I am cured” …

What should we believe today?

Answer: I do not believe in anything. I do not feel that life obliges me to believe in something.

Question: What should an ordinary person begin to believe in?

Answer: The fact is that we live in a time when people abuse their egoism. They undermine self-confidence. If a doctor says to me: “I think that such a medicine is good for you, it is worth using it,” I might already think that he has connections with the pharmacy, that he makes money on it, that pharmaceutical companies pay him, etc.

Everything passes into egoism like through sand, and therefore we no longer believe in anyone and in anything.

This is the general picture of the world today when we have slaughtered all the “holy cows.” Absolutely nothing is sacred; we do not believe in anything: not in ourselves or in God, not in the devil, in anyone, or in anything. A person is really left without anything, like a small child stands and cries that he was forgotten. In this form.

Question: What is the Creator’s program here, to lead us to such a small state?

Answer: Of course! So that we turn out to be like this: here I stand in front of you as if naked.

Remark: I see that constant work is precisely to bring a person to this: like a bunny under a bush—I do not trust anyone, I do not know anything, I am afraid of everything.

My Comment: Yes, and there is no one to hope for—only a higher power, which he will gradually come to when he understands what it should be, that it is based absolutely on bestowal, absolutely on love, absolutely above his egoism.

When he understands what this higher power should be, and how he can turn to it, then enlightenment will come, and he will come to the truth.

Question: Will a man not need doctors then?

Answer: In principle, doctors are not needed. Doctors are needed only for the period of the Creator’s concealment. Then everything will fulfill the person’s connection with the Creator.

Remark: But this is a very distant future.

My Comment: I think it will happen very quickly.

Question: What is your advice? What is an ordinary person to believe in today? How can he live?

Answer: Do not believe in anything. He should simply understand that everything that has happened to us and is still happening is only so that we really feel the need for the real Creator and not for something invented by some grandmas and so on.

Now everyone is inventing God for themselves. There were many such deities. As it is written about Abraham, he destroyed these gods, i.e., all beliefs in different gods.

Question: “Different god”—does this mean a god that suits my egoism?

Answer: Yes. And if it is real, true, He can be only one—altruistic, built only on that which is higher than egoism.

Question: When I do not believe, when I feel bad, does it mean that here I need to search? My egoism is bad. Does that mean that the Creator is somewhere nearby, He is approaching me? Is He exactly the opposite of that?

Answer: Of course.

Question: And what are my actions at this moment?

Answer: Search. Seek and very clearly realize what He should be like after all. What should I be in order to find Him?
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/27/20

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“The End Of The Ego Era” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “The End of the Ego Era

The ego was great as long as it served us. The desire for power, knowledge, and wealth drove civilization to innovate, create, and challenge its own limits. Thanks to the ego, we now live longer, lead easier lives, and engage much more in realizing our dreams than in survival.

Now that nature has demonstrated what humanity can be like, we can rise above it and end the ego era.We can keep it as a reminder of what we can be like if we are unaware, but instead of the ego, it is time we ushered in the age of care for one another.

But over the last several decades, the human ego has grown out of proportion. It is no longer working in our favor; it has become toxic and noxious. Today the ego is making us intolerant to other views, exploit other people and all of nature, and disregard the ruin we are leaving for our children. In fact, in some countries, even children are becoming somewhat of a rarity as people see child rearing as an unrewarding task.

Through such unnatural tendencies, and through excessive self-absorption, the ego is destroying the planet we live on, the society we live in, and even our own bodies. The ego, in a word, is killing us.

Today, the ego is telling many people not to wear face masks and fight for their freedom of choice. But at a time of a global pandemic, what could be more ruinous to ourselves and to others than not to follow the minimal requirement for avoiding contagion? Yet, egoism is blinding us to the fact that it is risking our lives and the lives of our loved ones in the name of fake freedom when in truth, the ego is the master and we are its slaves.

Or, take nationalism, for example, a classic type of egoism. It demonizes another country or nation and convinces us that if we only ruin, impoverish, or conquer that monster, our lives will be all rosy. It entices us to launch a campaign against our perceived nemesis and when we end it devastated and heartbroken, it tells us that we’ve been used again by opportunistic politicians and heartless tycoons. And so we end up broke, downtrodden, and hopeless. But behind the scenes, it is the human ego that is running the show, laughing at all of us behind our backs.

It is time to put an end to the ego era. It is time to see that if we raise our heads and look at each other instead of catering to our quirks, we will find that we have no enemies. Every person who is different from me shows me something I could never see alone. We show each other new beauty, teach new ideas, and introduce new ways of thinking just by being different. It is diversity that makes the world we live in beautiful, and it’s diversity that keeps it going.

Even the most extremist views must not be destroyed. They are extreme because their opposite extreme exists as well, and together, they allow us to tell good from bad, choose unity over separation, care over carelessness, and connection over alienation. Were it not for extremists, we would not be able to develop ourselves.

In fact, if we try to annihilate them, they will only grow under the surface and infest our whole society. This is when they become dangerous, when we do not use them to cultivate unity and try to forcefully uproot them.

The same nature that runs the world we live in creates the most bizarre phenomena in humanity. And just as it does not make mistakes when it creates trees, it does not make mistakes when it creates different people. We are the ones with the wrong perspectives. We are the ones who think that one view is good, as long as it is mine, and cannot see that in nature, nothing is uniform, diversity rules, and thanks to it we thrive. Had nature made humanity uniform we would not know we have to change and would continue to lead our unsustainable lifestyle to our sorry end.

But now that nature has demonstrated what humanity can be like, we can rise above it and end the ego era. We can keep it as a reminder of what we can be like if we are unaware, but instead of the ego, it is time we ushered in the age of care for one another.

Do We Need A Vaccine Against Egoism?

552.03Question: If you had the opportunity to vaccinate people against egoism so that all people would begin to lead a social lifestyle and believe that society is higher than each individual, would you take the opportunity? Or would you still wait for a man to consciously get to this?

Answer: In no case would I do this because to kill egoism means to kill our nature. To make a man good without having to fight his egoism means to make him a kind, naive idiot.

A person must educate himself and rise above his egoism. This is immense work that does not end within one earthly life, but continues during many life cycles.

Therefore, we must not interfere with nature because we will simply remove the most precious thing from a man—his egoism and the opportunity to independently decide what freedom of will is and how he should try it on himself.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/7/20

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Up The Pyramid Of Desires

275Comment: It is believed that the higher the quality of needs, the fewer people have it.

My Response: Naturally. This is the same pyramid of desires.

Question: Does it mean that not everyone needs to realize themselves at the highest level?

Answer: Of course. At the very bottom, at the base of the pyramid, are people who still have simple animalistic desires: family, work, sex, and hobbies.

Question: Is everything so deterministic that one cannot move from one level to another?

Answer: It mainly depends on the person, on the way one came into this world, so to say. Very little of it can be changed by the environment. Baal HaSulam writes about this in his articles on the influence of the environment.

It is possible to change one’s destiny, but to do this, a person must realize himself in a new environment, subjugate himself to others, bend his head, and then he will receive from others their desires, aspirations, and values.

Question: If I am, for example, on the third level of the pyramid and I realize myself there, does it mean that I reveal the meaning of life at this degree and I do not need more?

Answer: No! You only reveal the meaning, but you do not realize it yet. Realization goes further.

Eventually, all of humanity will reach the highest degree, which will turn into the center of a circle or of a sphere, and all people, that is, all souls, connecting with each other will form one common wholeness and exit the framework of our world.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/25/20

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Why Precisely In Our Time Should We Reveal The Creator?

202.0Question: People have always sought to explore nature. If the Creator is an all-encompassing thought, a field, a single law of nature, then why precisely now should we reveal Him as this law?

Answer: Today we can really investigate the Creator and become similar to Him, or vice versa, to the extent of our similarity to Him.

The final development of egoism gives us this opportunity. In each generation, it was gradually developing and consistently leading us through all states up to the very last one, at the top of the pyramid of human needs.

Question: With a small egoism is it impossible to reveal the Creator, or is it possible but at a very primitive level?

Answer: No, with a small egoism we also expect some attainments, not of the Creator, but of His small, side, external actions.

Question: Does spiritual realization mean revealing the Creator?

Answer: This means not only one’s realization in spirituality, but generally revealing the true world.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/25/20

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Self-Realization Is The Embodiment Of The Person’s “I”!

278.01Question: Personal growth is a process of human development, which includes self-realization and growth practically in all spheres of human activity. Psychologist Abraham Maslow built all human needs in the form of a pyramid. At the bottom of the pyramid are physiological needs: warmth, hunger, thirst-quenching. Then came the need for security. Further, social needs, which he also divides into belongingness, affection, caring for the family, esteem, self-respect, and respect for others. The highest are spiritual needs: self-actualization and self-realization.

What is behind the desire of a person for self-realization?

Answer: Self-realization is the most powerful desire of a person to reach the embodiment of his “I.” Practically, it is the desire to be God, depending on how one imagines it.

But if one does not realize himself in this way, it means that the spark of being human is lacking in him. After all, Adam is from the word Edome, Domeh—similar to God. Therefore, when a person wants to realize himself, he feels that he is creating a Creator from himself. It turns out that self-realization is the desire to know the Creator. Since the Creator and nature are identical concepts, this is the desire to know the entire creation.

Question: How does it differ from common knowledge? After all, there is a desire for knowledge in Maslow’s pyramid.

Answer: No, we are not talking about just knowledge, as for example in physics. It is the desire to dominate over nature, over everyone. At least in something I have to be special, something that others do not have and is only in me.

Today, practically everyone wants to be a master of nature. We see how we try to tame nature, to be above it.

Question: Can self-realization be at every stage of the pyramid? Let’s say I want to realize myself in business. Not even for money’s sake. I simply have a desire to manage, build a business.

Answer: Yes, on every stage. Therefore, a person must be taught how to correctly understand this realization, how to develop oneself, how to compare oneself with others. He must be in a certain struggle, in competition with others. Otherwise, there will be no progress.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills,” 6/25/20

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Peculiarities Of Our Time

laitman_222Question: The history of human development is the history of the development of our desires. About 3,500 years ago, the level of basic animalistic desires began to develop for food, sex, and family.

For 4,000 years until the 5th century C.E. (Common Era), the desire for wealth became dominant in humanity. From the 5th to the 15th century it was the desire for power. From the 15th to the 20th century it was the desire for knowledge. And since the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century it is the desire to reveal the meaning of life and realize yourself precisely at this degree of the pyramid.

What is the peculiarity of our time? What does it mean to realize oneself at the last degree, in the spiritual?

Answer: The fact is that our desires develop gradually, according to special laws. The highest degree is the one we are on today. It is really the highest: egoism pushes a person to realize himself in equivalence of form with the Creator, to become like the Creator.

On the other hand, the absolute impossibility of achieving this is revealed in us. And here we come to the conclusion that the task of becoming like the Creator is not solved directly, “head-on,” but develops and is realized in a different way.

Everyone should receive the forces from nature that help him change himself and build a structure above himself called “Man – Adam,” “like the Creator – Adameh.” After all, we are animals in all our ordinary pursuits.

And where does the man we need to develop hide in us? Very deeply; it is just a small desire that has been developing in us for centuries, until in our time we begin to feel it. And its realization comes in a very interesting way: We should not develop our original egoistic nature, but change it to the opposite, altruistic one. This is the equivalence of form with the Creator.

If you want to be human, you must turn yourself inside out, renounce animal existence and human predilections. Renounce all current values, such as wealth, power, fame, and knowledge, and prefer only one thing to this—the study of the Creator and the equivalence of form to Him.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/25/20

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“If I Don’t Take Over, No One Will Take Over” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “If I Don’t Take Over, No One Will Take Over

Imagine yourself out on the street in the middle of a protest. On the road are the demonstrators, protesting against this or that injustice. Across from them are the police, representatives of the hated government. In a street corner near the protestors are the “others,” those who side with the government, who feel that the protest has no merit. The air is thick with hatred; the tension is about to snap. Neither side will concede, neither will compromise; it is either me and my view or no one and no view. If I don’t take over, no one will take over.

At times, the hatred is more overt, at times more covert, but it is growing, bubbling under the surface. We cannot tame the hatred, but we can learn how to work with it, how to funnel it constructively. Today, it’s at a boiling point; if we don’t learn to channel it soon, it will erupt and destroy everything in its path.

This is where we stand today. At times, the hatred is more overt, at times more covert, but it is growing, bubbling under the surface. We cannot tame the hatred, but we can learn how to work with it, how to funnel it constructively. Today, it’s at a boiling point; if we don’t learn to channel it soon, it will erupt and destroy everything in its path.

There has always been hatred because there have always been opposite sides. Our fatal mistake has been that we have tried to demolish the other party instead of uniting over the disparities. We didn’t realize that destroying the other party meant destroying ourselves. We didn’t notice that everything in reality has its opposite because we can only discern and define anything against its backdrop, its opposite. For this reason, whenever we waged war against our opposite, we either lost the war and perished, or won the war and perished still because we didn’t have an opposite, so we, too, could not exist.

The only way we can exist is if we maintain balance with our other side. Unless we make room for all views in existence, there will be no room for any view.

The purpose of the contradicting views is not to determine who is right. They all come from the same source, from human nature, so how can one have merit if it denies the merit of the other one?

The benefit of having opposite views is that the conflict between them forces both parties to search for their cause, and then they realize their common root. Only then can they unite.

And when they do, they find that this is how all of reality works, and in that, they find the unity that pervades all of nature. And that discovery of unity is the reason for the initial oppositeness and hatred.

New Life 1256 – The Evolution Of Consciousness

New Life 1256 – The Evolution Of Consciousness
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the force that develops humanity is egoism. The “engine” that is found within nature develops the still, vegetative, animate, and even human consciousness to become integral. The leap in consciousness that is ahead for us is to begin to adapt to nature and to see reality not through the ego. According to one’s nature, a person doesn’t want to be connected to all of reality because this obligates him; in contrast to this, he wants to be free.

The conflicts in our lives come from people wanting to dominate each other. Suffering develops human consciousness. Humanity must reach a state in which everyone is connected with love; ideal communication is called love. In a relationship in which each one feels the other and fulfills his desires, we are completely connected with each other. A full development of consciousness is one in which I feel and fulfill your heart, and you mine.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1256 – The Evolution Of Consciousness,” 6/24/20

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Tame Egoism

Laitman_514.02Question: The evolution of our soul goes through the comprehension of egoism. So only when our ego is at the point of self-destruction can we fully become self-aware and switch to the side of light?

Answer: No. We do this long before that. It is a gradual, step-by-step development of a person, when he realizes his egoism and understands that by applying it, he comes to nothing. However, he should not get rid of it. Egoism cannot be destroyed; it is a force of nature. We only need to change the purpose of its application.

Question: You said that Kabbalah teaches a person to rise above egoism. The bigger the ego, the higher he rises above it. So this is his evolutionary growth.

Is the correct cognition of egoism one of the elements of our development when you increase it, artificially or under control, and you give it an altruistic inclination?

Answer: Yes. You tame it like a wild animal and it becomes more or less tame.

Question: It turns out that you do not need to fight it, but you need to understand it?

Answer: That’s right! Manage it correctly. Then it will be your assistant.

Question: So it is not a struggle, but rather an immersion, knowledge, and use of this inner power where you begin to realize an altruistic impulse through your sense of happiness, and transmit this state to the world?

Answer: Yes. For you, altruistic impulses are actually the best. In principle, in our world, altruism is understood as giving something to someone for free. No! You just see that by this you are beginning to interact with the greatest forces of nature. This is good.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/24/20

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