A Soul Similar To The System Of Creation

laitman_254.01The common soul that was one and connected was divided into many parts after the shattering; we need to assemble and connect these parts in order to reveal the Creator through them.

The difference between the original vessel and the one reconstructed after the shattering is that the shattering revealed new qualities that previously were not apparent. It is because of them that the soul shattered, and through their correction additional qualities of the Light are revealed against these broken desires. And in this way we scrutinize the internality of the Creator that created this soul and corrects with His Light.

If not for the shattering and correction, we would not feel more than the first man, Adam, felt before the sin, meaning just a state of smallness (Katnut) Nefesh/Ruach de Ruach. And after the shattering and the correction, we reveal the complete Light of NRNHY, that is, we adhere to the Creator Himself, reach equivalence of form with Him, understand His way and wisdom embedded in the creation.

Therefore, it is impossible to avoid the shattering and the correction. The end of correction is a point initially included in the plan of creation.

The soul has to correct itself according to the entire system of creation that includes in itself all the worlds of Adam Kadmon and ABYA. The soul is the most internal part of the entire system of creation, therefore, through our correction it must acquire the same form as all the upper worlds, consisting of three parts: head-body-extremities (Rosh-Toch-Sof), then of three lines, and a large number of complex forms.

When they connect together, the differences do not disappear because “love covers all transgressions.” The corrected soul keeps the whole great egoism within itself, all the immense desires and contradictions. Everything that existed before is preserved, nothing is erased. Even, on the contrary, negative manifestations help us reveal the Light, the advantage of which is revealed from the darkness.

There is a great work ahead of us; after all, Adam had no head, body, and extremities—there was simply one body positioned on one level that was filled with the Light of Hassadim. He was born circumcised like an angel, in the state of smallness (Katnut). An infant has no intelligence and cannot stand but can only lie down, that is, his head is on the same level with the body.

And we need to place this broken soul on its feet, in the upright position of a person. Therefore, in our work, we select parts of the soul that belong to the head and the body and we clarify the role of each of them. All the parts of the soul after the shattering are already prepared for correction, but we have to invite the upper Light, find out the locations of breakage, and correct them.

Those who will be drawn to spiritual work will be called the head of Adam, the common soul. And the rest are parts of his body. That is why Israel, meaning “those who yearn straight to the Creator,” are called “My head” (Li-Rosh).

Chosen to Work Without a Reward

The virtuous people are those who work in three lines, are in the head of the soul, and can perform scrutinies and corrections by passing the Light through themselves to the broken desires so that they become corrected, connected, and joined to it, thus creating a complete Partzuf.

We need to agree to be the virtuous people because there is no coercion in spirituality. Therefore, we will get blows from above until we give our consent to do this work, and we should agree wholeheartedly. Through the blows we begin to understand what is good and what is bad for us and therefore we agree.

To be a high priest (Kohen) means not to receive any reward for one’s work: he corrects the entire world and brings everyone closer to the Creator so that everybody is connected to Him and filled with the Light of infinity, and he gets nothing for it. This is called work of a high priest, Kohen.

The Kohen does not have any land, any estate, only pure work for the Creator from which nothing is left for him. His reward is only in having strength for the work in order to continue working and giving contentment to the Creator. This is the pure bestowal.

Each person in the world in whom the Creator awakened a spiritual spark belongs to the virtuous people and must work for the correction of the world. Due to the fact that we connect with each other and come to “Love your neighbor as yourself,” we come to the love for the Creator, and we must pull humanity after us. This is our mission; after all, we have received a desire for this work and there is no choice—we have to realize this desire.

The world is divided into those to whom the Creator gave this desire and to whom He did not give it. Why this desire is given to us, we do not know. It will become clear later, but it will not be important because all who fulfill their mission are absolutely equal—everything rounds up into a circle and each one attains all the degrees up to the height of our forefather Moses.1
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/9/18, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Mutual Guarantee,” Item 28
1 Minute 3:30

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