The Process Of Global Development

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Valentina M. Bondarenko, leading researcher at the Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the International N. D. Kondratiev Foundation): “The systemic crisis of global society is becoming greater and greater and deeper.

“The methodology of knowing the lawfulness of the development of civilization has determined the goal of development of the human system, answering to the higher need human need to become whole on the spiritual, intellectual and physical planes, with a  higher level of consciousness, realizing the potential of spirituality and the intellect. Each person must attain the highest mental development or reaching the image and similarity to the Creator.

“Removal of all the problems of the crisis is possible only on condition that all decisions will provide constant evolutionary movement (according to the program of nature – note by the author of the blog) towards attaining the goal of development.

“Society must develop by creating equal conditions for every person to attain the ultimate human goal, becoming whole. This is the task of every person on Earth, and they must carry it out.

“The laws of nature and society are identical, the world is a unified and complete system, and it will be understood and attained only when one considers it as a single whole. Only through such integral knowledge is it possible to understand that when a single solitary systemic crisis happens, all of the negative phenomena that exist are its components. From here it is understood that even the solution to leaving the systemic crisis must be whole, systemic and unified for the entire global world.”

My Comment: The main task of the “Center for the Integral Development of Humanity” will be in shaping information about the connection, unity, and synchronization of all the aspirations of humanity to attain the singular common goal.

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