The Light Of The Torah And The Influence Of The Mitzvah

laitman_527The Zohar with the “Sulam Commentary,” “Parshat Tzav,” paragraph 50: And further, “Fire shall be kept burning upon the altar continually….” This is the Torah; this is what is said about it. “Certainly my words are like fire” says the Creator, you certainly won’t extinguish them, for a transgression does not extinguish the Torah. But a transgression extinguishes a Mitzvah….

There is Torah and there is Mitzvah. Torah is the general Light that acts upon us and advances us. This is the general system.

Suppose that in the physical world physics and the laws in which we exist help us explore some space. That is how it is with the Light of Torah also. It keeps us in spiritual levels all the time; it makes no difference whether we are found above, below, in descent or ascent. We are found in descents and ascents all the time since we must constantly fall into the ego and transform it into altruism until we move through our entire ego and correct it through altruism.

The intentions in order to receive are left on the side and we move our desires to the other side with intentions in order to bestow. The fall into the ego and our departure from it are similar to the movement of a piston up and down, from the lowest critical point to the highest point in which we are found in contrasting states: either with an altruistic intent or completely egoistic. In order to get out of this state there is a general force called Torah, the Light that advances us.

The fall into a low state is called a sin. The ascent to the higher state is called a Mitzvah, correction. We are constantly found between sin and correction, sin – correction. So it is said, “There is no Tzadik (righteous) on earth who will do good and not sin” (Midrash Kohelet Rabbah 7), and only after he corrects the sin does he become a Tzadik. The state in which I am found in the high point after I have corrected the sin is called a Mitzvah. That is how the ignition is created in me. Just as a piston that reaches the high point when it compresses the fuel mixture and it is fired, so also the Light appears in me, which is an additional moving force through which I advance.

Thanks to that power of movement I begin to understand more, to recognize, to see, to be integrated into everything. This is exactly what helps me and forces me to descend into the next situation, into an even lower point, into greater ego. After all, if I accumulate sufficient power, then I can descend, perceive my egoistic desire, descend into absolute darkness, pass through the low point, and rise again.

A Mitzvah is a high state, additional Light that is created as a result of burning my egoistic power, transforming it into altruism. This means that to the general Light of Torah is added a Light called Mitzvah. Both the Torah and the Mitzvah exist only in the upper part. The additional Light makes it possible for me to descend into the lowest and most egoistic part. But the further I descend, the power of the Light of the Mitzvah also descends. So when I reach the lower part, I am ready to pass through it only because I have a small general Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light), which is called the Light of Torah. It reaches me from the environment, from the group, like a liquid that flows from one vessel to another vessel.

Question: Why don’t we explain this to people?

Answer: It is up to a person himself to produce all of these states within himself. Otherwise, my words will just remain a nice example for him. After a day or two, even after two minutes, he will forget everything. But in spite of it all he still must search and obligate himself to pass through these states, like a child who is intentionally given a task so that he will sweat and try, and so he grows. The ready made example doesn’t help.

Question: But is a person prepared to contend with this alone?

Answer: No, he can only do this with the help of the group. Towards where would I direct the Light that I received after I descended? It is towards the group, just like a receptacle.

For example, the torque of the crankshaft operates the piston. The rotary torque that accumulates the energy is the group. So I can always advance up and down through back and forth movements towards the group.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/27/13

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