A Deficiency For The Image Of The One Who Bestows

laitman_236_01Question: What is a deficiency for resembling the Creator? What should I yearn for?

Answer: I have to find out what form of the one who bestows should be revealed under the conditions of each and every concealment when I feel that something hurts or when something goes wrong. If a certain deficiency, meaning that I feel that I lack something, is revealed in this world, which is all my desire, it means that I lack only one thing: the revelation of the Creator.

But I have to determine in exactly what way. I don’t simply cry out that I feel bad. This is totally wrong. I am even glad that I feel a deficiency and am thankful for the mind and feelings that I was given that allow me to understand that it is a deficiency for the Creator. It was done on purpose so that I will pay attention to Him.

Thus, I develop a deficiency for the image of the one who bestows, not in order to feel good in my ego, but in order to have the opportunity to discover the Creator and to delight Him. I don’t even want to feel that; I don’t want to receive a reward this way.
From 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/2/14, Writings of Rabash

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