Dissemination Action Is Not Easy

laitman_254_02Question: Why do many Kabbalah groups not study Baal HaSulam’s articles such as the “Giving of the Torah,” “Arvut,” etc., but  concentrate on Talmud Eser Sefirot (TES) and The Book of Zohar?

Answer: It is because it does not force them to do anything. By studying TES or The Book of Zohar, they don’t think about the main commandment which is “Love Thy Friend as Thyself,” which has to spread throughout all of Israel. This is because the nation of Israel, and later the whole world, needs to return to general unity, to the Creator.

Question: Do we see at least some movement and progress towards it from them? If, for example, I am occupied with my most corrected thoughts in doing some physical commandment, do I by that correct my relation with the friends or my attitude towards the world?

Answer: With my being occupied only in self-correction, I become a bigger egoist because I feel as if I am doing something. And remember, when a man is pulled to dissemination, he initially feels a huge resistance to it until he begins to feel that precisely in this action lies the foundation of correction. We don’t have any other way than to disseminate to large audiences, which is for us the main thing. As it is written: “When will the Messiah come? When the Torah will be disseminated in the whole nation.”

If we put ourselves into the action of strict commandments with intentions without understanding their inner meanings, then we narrow and restrict ourselves so much that we would never be able to go out to the people with this method. They would not receive or understand us; rather, they would perceive us as a cult or as just religious people that in addition to all the rest also study the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/14/15

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