The Devoted Love of a Flower for a Bee

962.2The development of artificial intelligence has led to interesting opportunities where a computer can create a picture in the style of a famous artist on a topic set by a person verbally. The project is called DALLE-2.

The results are of such high quality that many artists and designers may lose their jobs in the future. On the other hand, we will have free time to do the work that machines are not able to do.

The question is, will such an invention benefit humanity or harm it? We always think that progress is for the benefit of humanity and we are unable to correctly assess the damage. After all, the true harm lies in how far it distances us from achieving the goal of life, that is, from uniting between us and connecting with the upper force.

But in any case, we cannot stop our development and scientific and technological progress. It’s impossible, because that’s how nature works, and we can’t go against it. Even attempts to stop the development of nuclear weapons have not been successful. Therefore, it is necessary to agree with all the possibilities that open up and try to find the right use for them in your life.

A person develops and wants to express himself as much as possible. And technology is the fruit of human development. Therefore, at the end of the day, machines will learn to replace humans in everything: in art and in creativity.

A person will engage in spiritual creativity, creating spiritual works that reveal his inner world to humanity. Spiritual pictures can be expressed through films, fine art, music, as it is happening today, but on a more complex, high level.

This expands the possibilities of self-expression. Let’s say today I would like to express myself through painting, but I do not have artistic abilities. But with the help of modern computer technology, I can succeed in this and express myself in front of everyone. This will be a wonderful and great gift from me to the world.

I would ask the computer to create a picture depicting the love between a bee and a flower. Don’t think I’m joking, it’s very serious and deep. I would like to show everyone what a devoted natural connection a bee has with a flower and a flower has with a bee.

After all, a flower cannot develop without a bee, and a bee cannot live without the nectar it receives from a flower. We want to see how all the elements of nature at the inanimate, vegetative and animate levels help and support each other. One is connected with the other by a whole range of feelings, it’s all very complicated.

I would like to reveal all this with the help of a computer and participate in the computer’s creative process myself. To show how grateful the bee is to the flower and the flower is grateful to the bee, what closeness arises between them, how each helps the other species to reproduce.

Such mutual assistance exists between two degrees of nature: between vegetative and animate. And so, with the help of computer technology, we could uncover very deep relationships in nature.

The question arises whether such programs should be restricted so that they cannot be used to harm others. But such a restriction is possible only thanks to education. In fact, we are asking, how do we limit evil? And there is only one answer to this. It is necessary to multiply the good!
From KabTV’s “Conversation with Journalists” 5/22/22

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