Love For Your Neighbor

laitman_527_02Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation, Pragmatic Communism Accepting the religion of “Love your neighbor as yourself,” literally.

Literally means that through our correction we must reach the state that my neighbor will become more important to me than myself.

From the materialistic point of view, this is completely incomprehensible and unrealistic. And according to Kabbalah, it follows that when people begin to develop under the influence of the higher forces that bring them to the state of love your neighbor, then a very simple correspondence is revealed.

It is that your attitude toward your neighbor that determines your attitude toward the Creator, and your attitude toward yourself determines your attitude toward yourself on the animate level.

In other words, a person begins to divide him or herself into two parts: the animate, materialistic part and the equivalence with the Creator. To achieve equivalence with the Creator means to reach the Creator’s level. One can ascend to it from his animate level only if one begins to treat others more attentively, better, with more love than for himself.

This reflects a person’s attitude toward the Creator. After all, it is not about the neighbor, but about how a person raises himself to the spiritual, divine level.

Executing the law “love your neighbor as yourself” must become human nature. A person will feel, understand, and participate in certain studies and activities, consciously adopting this technique. And society will begin to explain and teach people this technique. All institutions of the last generation, courts, schools, etc., will be needed only to help people give up love for themselves to reach the higher phase of nature.

Question: But along with this will stronger egoism be revealed?

Response: Egoism will unfold exactly to the extent that a person can rise above it to the next spiritual level. On one hand, a person can hate his neighbor more than before, and, on the other hand, one can rise above this hatred and love him even more.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/5/17

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