If You Leave Me For A Day…

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are completely under the authority of nature. We are controlled in all of our actions, those of the body as well as those of the soul. Yet, Kabbalists say that we have freedom of choice. There would have been no point to create this whole creation if the Upper Force unambiguously determined everything that happens to us beforehand.

However, the freedom of will exists only above our present life, only there, in a higher dimension where we wish to rise above our egoistic nature, in the quality of bestowal. Only on that ascent from one degree to another will we able to choose whether to ascend by receiving blows from nature. If we do not use our freedom of will, do not exert our own effort, do not strive to develop ourselves on our own in the same direction, or see a desired goal in this, nature will push us. But if we search for the forces to help us execute this ascent, this is where we find our freedom of will.

Kabbalists explain that freedom of choice exists only in building a correct environment. Moreover, I don’t just choose the environment; I advance under its influence. I can choose my environment and by that hasten my advancement as well as change the nature of this ascent.

Instead of dashing to and fro under the blows of fate like a beaten animal, I can rise by a wonderful path, according to my own desire, full of feelings, understanding, and by my own strength, as befits a human being. I can do this if I examine the goal, wish to near it, and understand that in order to hasten my development I need to draw more Light than I receive through the natural path. This means is given to me; it is called the Torah, the Upper Light; it pulls me out and returns me to the source.

It is written in regard to this work that if we leave it even for one day, if we don’t realize our freedom of choice, then we halt our development for two days, and are not permitted to advance independently. We begin to be influenced by the natural Upper forces.

After all, it is not enough to only lose to the extent of our not exerting effort; we don’t learn much from this. To teach us to stay on the wonderful path, we receive a “punishment” for straying that is slightly greater than what we did so that the next time an even greater obstacle emerges on the path, we would beware not to stumble on it. The spiritual law states, “If you leave Me for a day, I will leave you for two.”

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/9/10, Shamati #108

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