How To Achieve What Does Not Exist In Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: Why did you say that at first we notice only that which differs in its qualities from us; that is, we would not notice someone who is equal to us, but only one who is either above or below us? And then you said that equivalence of qualities is a necessary condition to catch the spiritual wave with your “receiver.”

My Answer: Our egoism does not notice ones that are equal to it. And if we want to perceive equality, we need to rise above our ego.

I need the group in order to reach equivalence with the Creator in the quality of bestowal. By attuning myself to equivalence with the friends, I thereby align myself with the Creator. Otherwise, I will not be able to be equal to Him. Instead, I will bend down before Him expecting a profit or wishing to adhere to Him like a child in order to have Him govern over me. In other words, I will place Him above or below me, but not equal to me.

I can become equal only through the group. The group is that transformer. Only with the help of the group can I achieve equivalence and similarity of qualities to the Giver. The group actually exists only in my imagination in order for me to reach equivalence with the Creator, the kind of equivalence that does not exist in nature!

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/8/10, “Introduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot

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The Creator’s Radio Station

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn order to attune myself to the Creator’s wavelength, I need to adjust my “diapason” (the compass of my instrument) – the degree of bestowal (screen). I attune my desire to enjoy to bestowal, and depending upon this desire, I catch different “radio stations” from the Creator.

I change the frequency of the wavelength, and switch from one level (Aviut) of the desire to another, and based upon this I perceive different influences of the Creator. How can I know that I attuned myself correctly? I know this by the reaction. If I “caught” a wave from Him and received something, this means that I attuned myself to bestowal.

If only I could see in which direction to turn the knob on the radio’s tuner in order to draw closer to and more clearly tune in to one of His channels. If only it were marked like on a radio. But there are no such labels in the spiritual world. Although, if we reach a state where we are able to adjust our tuning, then the soul begins to teach us.

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/8/10, “Introduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot

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