Anticipated Celebration

Mega Kabbalah Congress 2010Question: While anticipating the Kabbalah Mega Congress these days, I started to feel like a child who is looking forward to a holiday feast. What does it mean?

Answer: We stand on the threshold of the desired revelation. It is a very serious action that may bring about incredible changes. If we want to enter spiritual world, meaning to reveal the Creator among us, we can achieve this only in our unified desires.

During the three days of the congress, we will try to come together and connect our desires in one. If we keep aspiring to experience everything in one collective desire, we will meet the condition which the people had received at Mount Sinai: become as one man with one heart. If we do, the Torah – the Light that created and divided us and is now willing to unite and lift us to the Creator – will be revealed to us!

We won’t be able to unite by ourselves, but if all who participate in the congress truly yearn for unity in a single desire for the Creator, we will draw the Light upon us. Our oneness could be temporary, or it could be real and cause the correction of our “fall into sin.”

United desires are called the Soul (Adam), and the Light which is revealed in them is the Creator, Bo-Reh (from Hebrew words “Bo” – Come and “Reh” – See). This means we have come and attained such quality of oneness that we found the Creator in it.

In my perspective, it is quite possible. Therefore, I see congresses as profoundly important. If, however, the complete oneness is not achieved this time, I won’t despair. I know how much closer such gatherings bring people and I have no doubt that after a few such actions, we will have the Creator reveal Himself to us anyway.

There is no better means to accelerate our progress. One such “attack” of people unified in a single desire is worth six months of   scrupulous, daily studies. This is why I am so excited and hopeful that we will achieve what we aspire to.

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/23/10, Article, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Its Essence”

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Mega Congress Lesson 3 – 07.24.10

Unity Around the World, Rabash, Shlavei HaSulam, Article “What is an Environment?” 
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Mega Kabbalah Congress 2010: A Concluding Sentence About What We Should Do


Kabbalists On The Essence Of The Wisdom Of Kabbalah, Part 4

Dr. Michael LaitmanDear Friends, please ask questions about these passages from the great Kabbalists. I promise to answer them. The commentaries in brackets are mine.

What Is The Basis Of The Wisdom Of Kabbalah?

What does the wisdom revolve around? This question comes to the mind of every right-minded person [because by asking the question about the meaning of life, he will definitely arrive at the need to reveal the Creator, and that means to the science of Kabbalah].

To properly address it, I will provide a reliable and lasting definition: This wisdom [Kabbalah] is no more and no less than a sequence of roots [causes and sources], which hang down by way of cause and consequence, by fixed, determined rules, interweaving to a single, exalted goal described as “the revelation of His Godliness [the quality of bestowal and love] to His creatures in this world” [over the course of this life or in subsequent lives if a person does not reveal the Creator fully in this life].
– Baal HaSulam, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah

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Fear Is The First Step Toward Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe very first step in attaining love and bestowal is to achieve fear. This is much like a mother who is constantly in a state of fear, worrying about her baby and everything that happens to it. This natural fear constantly throbs inside of her and does not allow her to rest.

We need to reach the same attitude and concern regarding the Creator; that is, to constantly worry and quiver, checking ourselves: Am I thinking about Him, can I add anything else to my concern for Him? If I want to achieve the quality of Bina, then whoever I wish to bestow to is like my child. The fact that I call Him the Creator is irrelevant. I must worry and care for Him like I would about my own baby because I want to be a giver.

From this point a person’s connection with the Creator begins. However, in order for this to happen, we need to achieve the same tender connection with humanity, or at least with a small part: our group. I need to learn to worry about it like I would worry about someone that I love and cherish. We are given similar examples in our world: concern for our children or parents, for someone who is outside of me but is still connected to me with inseparable ties.

An inner fear or trepidation needs to live inside me: Will I be able to help them and bring them good? This is the quality of Bina from which everything begins, and, above it, we begin to build bestowal and love. The Creator gives us such exercises in our egoism so that we can gradually attain a different reality – an altruistic one. This is so we can have examples and a foundation on which to build the quality of Bina, bestowal, within us.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/22/10, Article, “You Stand Today, All of You”

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