The Basic Law Of The Spiritual World

laitman_232_06Question: What is the mechanism for discovering the law of equivalence of form (similarity of properties) in nature?

Answer: The law of equivalence of form operates on all levels, but we don’t recognize that it is operating everywhere. If you and I have the same characteristics, we are close to each other, we understand each other. It is possible to describe this with physical bodies and also chemical elements.

However, the law of equivalence of form does not describe nature in our world because as a general rule, such objects (plus plus) reject each other, but it describes nature in spiritual space, what happens according to the degree of similarity of internal characteristics, not the physical.

In spirituality, there is only the getting closer and the distancing of objects according to the degree of similarity or difference of characteristics. This is the basic law of behavior in spiritual space.

Due to the power of this law, in our world we cannot discern characteristics that are not found in us. A person can see only what is in him. For example, a cruel person will not see kindness and mercy in others because to do this there must be a similarity of characteristics.

This is the reason that we don’t perceive the Creator as good that does good unless we are like that ourselves. The Creator is revealed only as a bounty of good and warmth, which are absent in us.

Question: Should this be accepted as an axiom or must one believe in the law?

Answer: At present, you should accept this as an axiom so that it will be used as the basis for what we do.

Through the Kabbalistic method, we gradually create a new sense. This sense will be somewhat similar to the characteristics of the Creator, and then we begin to discover Him within us to the degree of our similarity and equivalence with Him, until we attain Him fully.

Question: Is this the reason that it is so difficult for people to understand a Kabbalist?

Answer: In fact, it is impossible to understand a Kabbalist. Even a Kabbalist cannot understand another Kabbalist who is on a higher level because he is always limited only by the set of spiritual characteristics that are already created within him and he is ready to feel.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/25/16

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