The New Level Of Conventions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What exactly must we come to as a result of this convention? Is it perhaps to some common feeling of love between friends?

Answer: There are no common feelings. We need absolutely complete correction. We do not go for less. We are going to become a single image of a unified human, to gather everyone in a unified system. That is all and nothing else!

This is the first convention for which we were preparing in advance with the awareness that we are coming here in order to work seriously. This is not the convention where I go on the stage and everyone listens to me, expecting some interesting stories and then dances and sings. This is the convention where we are working within ourselves all together.

The most important action takes place between us, within us! I only correct you a bit and remember it should be between everyone, and I am there with you.

We are preparing for the first time since the convention, and all our subsequent conventions will be organized in this manner. Maybe in time they will take a different form and become practically virtual, but they all will be aimed at concentration, on compressing our intentions to merge them.
From the Convention in St. Petersburg, “Preparatory Lesson”

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