One Root – One Force For Everyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The architecture of St Petersburg struck me. Every building is a masterpiece, and all of them are built to delight a woman. If a woman’s desire is so strong and can force people to build palaces, how can we make it work in a spiritual direction?

Answer: Leveling, the equalization of women and men is taking place today. We see this in sexual relationships, at work, in our daily lives—everywhere. I think that naturally the same thing happens in our spiritual movement.

It seems to me that those properties that women have acquired, say in the last 50 years (although it started a long time ago), bring them closer to men, and in turn, men invisibly “drift” toward women. That is, their natures are moving closer to each other, becoming less opposite.

Women work, are involved in politics, participate in everything on the same level with men, and in many cases show themselves as more able, more gifted. We know how women work for us, how much they long for bestowal, for spiritual attainment. A women’s desire for spiritual attainment is much higher than a man’s.

So, I think that we do not need to focus on the women’s issue as such, it does not exist. In most cases I hear some subconscious sensation behind the women’s questions—that allegedly they deserve more.

You do not deserve more. I am serious. You deserve as much as the men. You do not need to complain that “we are so weak, thrown somewhere at the back.”

The woman is a human being; the woman is part of the group, part of our society, the same as in the modern world in general. So, there is no women’s issue. Work as the men do, and you will get the same thing. We cannot manage without each other. We work together!

Your task is to build between yourselves and together with the men one whole: the men’s group or part of the women’s group. We are above our nature in the intention to unite with each other because we all have the same root; it is one force for everyone. I think that everyone is equal in our world group.
From the Convention in St.Petersburg 7/11/13,“Preparatory Lesson”

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