Pressuring The Jews

400Question from Facebook: The Jewish youth in America are the major supporters of Bernie Sanders and democracy. They have their own definition of the concept of unity, and you will never be able to impact their world of imaginary socialism, of liberal-democratic lies.

As you are an intelligent person, why don’t you understand that very often the Arabs are closer to unity than those who are so-called Jews?

Answer: I don’t disagree with that. The problem is that it is actually the Jews who should unite. If they would unite, they would establish good relations between people in the world and bring nations closer to each other so that peace and tranquility and nice behavior will prevail all over the world.

Question: The person who is asking the question emphasizes that those who support Sanders are not Jews.

Answer: The way I see it, a Jew is a person who has a bud of spirituality in him from which the soul can develop the attribute of love and bestowal. He is a descendent of the people who Abraham gathered around him and called Israel (Yashar El), aimed straight at the Creator.

We cannot get rid of this. No matter what we do, we will be obliged to bring the Jews to do it in a good way, the way I try to do it, and not in a different way, God forbid. No matter how it happens, they will still reach the understanding that they must unite and set an example to all of humanity, which means to be Light unto the nations of the world so that the entire world will be able to unite.

Question: Do you believe that it is possible to reach the American Jews?

Answer: There is no other way. It is like a baby in the family. Is there anything you can do about it? Can you give him up, abandon him, and not take care of him? You must take care of him!

I believe that it is possible to reach them. When I began to teach twenty years ago, I had ten students, and today, I have a couple of million students and, in addition to those who listen and read, there are many more.

So, there is progress. If I don’t manage to do it, my students and their students will complete the mission, but things will expand because we have no other choice. The point is that nature itself will force us to do so. This is the reason that I do what I must and don’t ask any questions about anything else.

Question: Don’t you think that American Jews’ ears become even deafer when they feel that they are pressured by you?

Answer: I am not pressuring them. I simply explain to them the reason for anti-Semitism and how they can get rid of it.

Perhaps the Jews who are supporting Sanders are still young and don’t really feel it today, but when they have kids of their own who will not be able to go to school because of anti-Semitism and all the more so to university, they will think about what they must do and will think that perhaps it is a good idea to listen to what the wisdom of Kabbalah says about unity.

Question: American Jews are divided into camps today: those who support Trump and those who oppose him.

Answer: If these two camps united, the entire world would unite! What would I do about the world now? I would pressure the Jews so that they must unite! This is the best thing the world can do for the Jews and for the entire world, too!

Question: You have always said that that the Jews in Israel are in the center of the process, but now you are speaking about the American Jews.

Answer: The hatred is there. It is very evident among the American Jews. I hope they will come to their senses by themselves, or otherwise, it will be under great pressure. I am not losing hope of reaching better times in a good way or at least of preventing war.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, it is not inevitable that there would be two more world wars, but I hope that by bringing hearts closer, as we are doing, we will prevent that.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/13/17

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