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How Can You Tell What Is Good, What Is Evil?

laitman_565.01Good and evil is an eternal topic, but in the article “Peace in the World,” Baal HaSulam writes that good and evil are evaluated by the actions of the individual toward society.

That is, he immediately takes a completely different direction, and so our actions are evaluated in a totally different way. Although the actions of any person can be so personal and individual that it seems impossible to attribute them to society; nevertheless, they are evaluated only in relation to society.

Question: Can I say: “I did a good deed”?

Answer: No. No matter how good or how bad you treat a plant, an animal, a person, or even yourself, you influence the environment, the society, with your thoughts and actions. Therefore, everything is evaluated in relation to society: how will it change, what will happen to it.

This is how you measure whether your actions are good or bad and to what extent.

How can I know whether my natural actions are good or bad in relation to society? I stroke a child’s head, so this is a good action. How does it affect society? How can I evaluate it?

All my actions, whatever they are, bring some consequences to the environment. How can I feel this?

Remark: But we usually say that a person performed a good deed or that he harmed someone.

My Comment: But how do you know? Let’s say you beat someone. Did you correct him through that?

The fact is that until we feel the entire system of nature we exist in, how we affect it, and what reactions we receive from it, we will not be able to behave correctly and correctly assess our behavior.

We have no indicator, evaluator, or a measuring device, something that I can look at and say: “This was positive and now it is negative” and to what extent.

If I felt this, then I could demand something from myself, and I would see on others, they would be my device, like the arrow on a dial that moves toward good, plus, or toward evil, minus. Then I could go around everyone and be proud that I have everything in plus.

Remark: But there are generally accepted laws of human society that we must comply with.

My Comment: Of course, in nature there are laws, but in human society they are totally distorted. This is the problem. We do not know how we behave. Is our behavior good or bad, and what consequences our actions have? Of course, this is terrible.

Question: How does a Kabbalist weigh his actions to determine if they are correct or not?

Answer: If I do not control myself and I act instinctively, my actions are completely wrong, evil, and they harm society and the world.

If I want to act correctly, I must connect with the society around me, unite with it, feel how close I am to it, exist in it, feel it, control my actions, and feel their consequences in the society around me, in the intention of bestowal and love, independently of myself. This is when I can say that I am acting correctly.

However, this requires practice, a methodology for how to exit myself, enter others, and begin to feel in the connection with them. In this case, you will begin to feel yourself in a different world.
From KabTVs “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,”  7/21/19

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Take Correction Into Our Own Hands

laitman_962.3Thus, if Israel are rewarded and take the law of development that their bad attributes must go through in order to invert them into good ones, they will bring it under their own government. In other words, they will set their minds and hearts to correct all the bad attributes in them and turn them into good ones by themselves. Then, “I will hasten it,” meaning they will be completely freed from the chains of time. And from now on, this end depends on their own will, meaning only by the greatness of the deed and the mindfulness. Thus, they hasten the end. (Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”)

Our advancement depends only on the connection between us, on how close we get to each other. The further we advance to the purpose of creation, the closer we must get to each other. At the final point of our path, we all, without exception, will merge into one single whole, into one single Kli (vessel). This means that every time we must accelerate our rapprochement, trying to rise above ever-increasing disagreements, and thus, gradually we will come to the state of equivalence between ourselves and the Creator.

But if they are not rewarded with developing their bad attributes under their own authority, but leave it under the Authority of Heaven, they, too, are certain to attain the end of their redemption and the end of their correction. This is because there is complete certainty in the Government of Heaven, which operates by the law of gradual development, degree by degree, until it turns any evil and harmful to good and beneficial as the fruit on a tree. (Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”)

Even if we leave this work and do not study Kabbalah anymore, let everything take its own course, go with the flow, live as long as we live, and die if it is time to die, it will in no way help to shorten or lengthen the period of our development.

Whereas, if we advance by the path of light, we will accelerate our development, and, at the same time, we will make it good and kind. However, this is only possible if we constantly establish relationships in the group above our egoism.

Without doing so, we advance by the path of suffering, where we will receive all kinds of slaps, kicks, and diseases on every inch of it, not to mention the approaching massive catastrophes.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/14/19

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 6/16/19, Part 1

laitman_961.1Question: What is independent spiritual life?

Answer: It is the ability to analyze and examine all of your states and choose which one of them is the best and most correct one.

Question: What does it mean to take responsibility for my actions if the Creator manages everything? According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, is it my responsibility to understand and analyze what the Creator is doing with me?

Answer: You are responsible for your actions within the framework of the freedom of choice given to you as if the Creator were in your place.

Question: Who are the spiritual father and mother of the soul?

Answer: The spiritual father and mother are systems in the spiritual world, which are also called Aba ve Ima (father and mother). The two systems give birth to my soul and I exist under their management.

Question: When is the pursuit of knowledge corporeal and when is it spiritual?

Answer: It all depends on why you seek knowledge. If you strive to know how to connect with others and help them attain adhesion with the Creator, it is spiritual. If it is the opposite, it is physical.

Question: Is there a law in nature that good states help to forget the bad states?

Answer: In principle, yes. But not in Kabbalah. In Kabbalah, everything is connected and ultimately you begin to comprehend this as one good, general, and integral. Moreover, there is nothing bad. If you practice Kabbalah, you fall and rise over and over again, and all of your descents are considered ascents. There is nothing negative.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 6/16/19

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Why Reveal Egoism In The Ten?

laitman_528.01Question: Why are tens of thousands of the quintessential historical examples of the manifestation of egoism and evil not enough to come to the need for correction? Why reveal egoism between ten unfamiliar people? What can we reveal there?

Answer: The egoism that you reveal every day in relation to your loved ones and all the others is not the ego that we are talking about.

Egoism is what interferes when you want to connect in the ten in order to reveal the Creator.

Therefore, we should study the qualities of connection to know them. By connecting correctly in the ten, we receive the manifestation of egoism. In further work on the ego in order to rise above it for the sake of revealing the Creator, both egoism and the Creator are revealed.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/7/19

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Heaven And Hell Are Internal States

laitman_207Question: During its development, the soul undergoes various transformations. From a religious point of view, heaven and hell are a certain stage of development of the soul. I would like to know what it means from a Kabbalistic point of view.

Answer: It is not what religions say.

Heaven is a state of joy of bestowal to others. Hell is the state when I literally burn with shame.

Hell is a feeling of shame. Heaven is satisfaction from love. But all of this is on a spiritual level. There is nothing else.

Question: What causes shame?

Answer: Shame occurs when you see how opposite you are to the Creator.

In Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah, we study that the first restriction (Tzimtzum Aleph) happened because the Kli (vessel) discovered its oppositeness to the Creator, and feeling shame, it made the restriction on itself.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/23/19

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Is Reality Predetermined?

laitman_600.04Question: How much of reality is predetermined? What is within our freewill?

Answer: Absolutely everything is within our freewill and absolutely everything is predetermined. That is, the program is initially given from the simplest, elementary partition to the increasingly complex. This comes from the basic law of nature. The speed of connection depends on us.

We should not get into the correction. It is not our business. I must make an effort to connect wherever possible, but in no case should I give orders and determine in advance what the degrees of connection should be like. Just push forward.

I should welcome whatever will be shown to me as a corrected state.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 2/12/19

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Catch The Image Of The Creator

laitman_938.01Question: What does it mean to feel the Creator through the group? How does this happen?

Answer: If I am not included in the group, I cannot feel the Creator. After all, I am just one small parameter. In order to feel the Creator, there must be nine other parameters besides me, and then I will have a model called HaVaYaH (the name of the Creator).

Therefore, I must connect with nine more friends. Together, no matter in what states we are, we must try to be connected with each other so that like a locator we will try to detect between us such states that will capture the image of the Creator.

This happens on the condition that we all annul ourselves before each other, try to help each other, are bound by mutual responsibility (mutual guarantee), and are in connection, in union (Brit).

These are the same conditions that Rabash prescribes for us. If we are more or less directed to them and try to focus ourselves on observing them, then that’s all we need. We will capture the Creator completely.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 2/12/19

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A Sign Of Good Advancement

627.2Question: Three years ago, I began studying Kabbalah and thought that I understood everything. Both the “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah” (Pticha) and TES were really understandable and clear.

Now after three years, I’m beginning to feel that not only do I not understand what was clear before, but also, Pticha, TES, and work in the group evoke some disgust in me. Is this a normal sign?

Answer: This is a sign of good advancement. You must pass this period by force and persistence, and then you will begin to understand everything with both your mind and feelings.

Question: So, these disturbances are in fact helping?

Answer: Yes. But it can go on for quite a long time, maybe for a few years. The main thing is not to leave and you will see how it will be rewarded.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/23/19

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Spiritual Practice

laitman_530Question: What is required for the development of the soul? How does the process occur? How can you understand and feel that you are on the right path?

Answer: Only one thing is required for the development of the soul: to begin to develop it by drawing closer to others. For this, we usually build small groups that we call “tens” because it is desirable that the group is comprised of ten people, but it can be fewer than ten. By drawing closer to each other in the ten, people begin to feel certain spiritual laws that operate within it.

This is a very interesting state. We can make of ourselves a laboratory in which we will feel ourselves under the influence of a special force, or the Creator.

In other words, as we start drawing closer to each other, we begin to feel how the Creator manifests between us, and as we move away from each other we feel how He distances from us. The Creator is in the center of this small group, and this is how we can define, clarify, and reveal Him. This state does not come immediately, we need to approach it. Give it a try.

By building the connection between us in spite of the egoistic forces that push us away, we will begin to feel it. It is the rapprochement above rejection that will cause a certain sense of the revelation of something in us. This “something” will be the harbinger of the attainment of the Creator. It is quite complicated and doesn’t come immediately, but it is precisely what our workshop is in practice.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/7/19

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Correct Interaction With Spiritual Forces

Laitman_120Question: In our world, a child cannot do good deeds, but he can acquire knowledge. Are these things inseparable in spirituality?

Answer: There are a lot of strange phenomena in our world. One of them is that we can receive strength without knowledge. A child can grab something, do something, and harm himself and others.

This is impossible in the spiritual world. You can detect, see, and find a connection with spiritual forces and objects only to the extent that you interact with them correctly. You see how to influence them and what consequences your impact on them has.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 6/16/19

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