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The Spiritual Role Of Women, Part 4

laitman_587.01Man and Woman in Spirituality

Question: Can both receiving and bestowing develop in a woman in our world? Will a woman who knows how to receive for the sake of bestowal be harmonious?

Answer: If men and women are separated in our world according to an external biological attribute, in the spiritual world, it does not matter at all.

In the spiritual world, in each of us, whether a man or a woman, a soul is formed from the desire to receive and the intention to bestow. Therefore, you can be the spiritual male part, that is, the giver, and your husband, life partner, can be the female part. Then you can switch places depending on your efforts and conditions. This has nothing to do with the physiological gender.

If you want to work spiritually with your husband, then you are already a group. A group is a minimum of two people and maybe ten, but no more. In the group, everyone gives and everyone receives.

Therefore, everyone plays the role of receiving as a woman, called the female part, as well as giving, called the male part. And this also has nothing to do with their gender. So all this is very conditional.

In our world, the difference between a man and a woman has a strictly fixed idea according to purely physiological characteristics. And in the spiritual world, I can turn from a man into a woman and from a woman into a man in one minute. It all depends on how the egoism is manifested in me and how much I can rise above it.

I wish you all to be spiritual men and to remain beautiful women in the corporeal world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/8/20

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Kabbalistic Terms: “Gmar Tikkun”

Laitman_013.02Gmar Tikkun is the complete, final correction of egoism into bestowal and love when we turn the ego into the opposite quality.

Here, the science of Kabbalah comes to our aid. With the help of this methodology, the upper light affects the egoistic desire gradually raising it to new desires: to bestowal, love, and connection with others. This is a serious change of our essence into its opposite.

Question: Can we say that this is a change from an egocentric perception of the world to a holistic perception of the world?

Answer: Of course.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 6/17/19

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The Spiritual Role Of Women, Part 3

laitman_232.06Turn The Cup Toward The Good

Rabash, Dargot HaSulam, Item 274, “Specifically through a Man and a Woman”: Also, if one has only the power of reception without sparks of bestowal, he can no longer make a choice to reject the bad and choose the good, since then he does not have the strength to decide to the side of merit.

The most important thing is the property of bestowal. We must develop it as much as possible and accordingly use the female property of receiving so that we always have the opportunity to elevate the property of bestowal over the property of receiving. Then we can perform the action of receiving for the sake of bestowal.

Hence, specifically when the two forces are equal—the power of reception and the power of bestowal (and this is the best option)—one has room for work and labor to be able to prevail through the labor and determine to the side of merit. At that time, this deed that a person has decided to the side of merit is called “newborn,” meaning that the Creator places the spirit of life in this action.

This is not about individual bodies but about one person, because in each of us there are both female and male parts. If they are in the right interaction, when a person, working on himself, causes such an influence of the upper light that all his desires to receive are in the intention for bestowal, then he is already acting correctly, he is corrected.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/8/20

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Two Kinds Of Attitudes Toward The Creator

Laitman_177.13There are absolute laws for attaining the Creator and they never change from one person to another. Anyone who wants to attain the Creator from our earthly state needs to perform accurate actions and build certain attributes within, and then he will begin to reveal the Creator through the 125 levels of attainment of the worlds.

No one in this world is able to change this picture, this sequence, the conditions, or these rules that have existed throughout history. They will always be the same for everyone. Our feelings are subjective but the attainment of feelings is absolutely the same and objective and stem from the general resistance between the light and the vessel (desire).

The creation is called a desire and the desire is new each time and changes under our influence and the influence of the Creator from above. Here we need to distinguish between two kinds of attitudes toward the Creator. On one hand, it is an attitude toward the Creator Himself and, on the other hand, it is an attitude toward what stems from Him. We cannot say anything about the attitude toward the Creator except for the fact that He is the source and nothing more than that.

The source of what? Of the good or the bad?
I don’t know.
But do you feel good now?
Yes, I feel good.
And can you feel bad?
Yes, I can.
So does this mean that the source changes?

Kabbalists tell us that the source does not change. Absolute bestowal descends from it constantly, which is what we call the upper light. But you are in your qualities in a certain state to this influence of the Creator’s bestowal, and so you feel His impacts differently each time.

In principle, we speak about our states and not the state of the Creator. So a person needs to understand that when he says that the Creator is bad or good and that He affects me one way or another, it is not that the Creator changes, but that the person himself changes, but it seems to us that it is the Creator who changes.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/8/19

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Why Did Nature Create Man?

742.03Question: Why did nature create man?

Answer: Man was created in order to exist between the two forces, positive and negative, and to become similar to the positive force of nature. Therefore, a human being is called “Adam” from the word “domeh” (like), meaning like the general nature.

In fact, a human being includes absolutely all the forces of nature. Only, at the present time, we see that a human is a small, one-sided, underdeveloped, selfish, and unhappy creature. He is not even a human being because he is not like the general system of nature.

He was created precisely in order to absorb all the forces of nature, combine them within himself in the right way, and control the entire universe.
From KabTV’s, “Meetings with Kabbalah:  Victoria Bonya,” 3/29/20

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Two Sources Of Connection With The Spiritual World

laitman_528.02Question: Is our connection with the spiritual world either through a book written by Kabbalists or through people who have already attained this system?

Answer: No, connection with the upper world is very difficult to obtain through a book. It can be only through a teacher, and so constantly, from generation to generation.

The book does not replace communication with a Kabbalist-teacher. You can read many books that can direct a person to the right goal, but you can achieve it only by learning from the right teacher.

Moreover, not all Kabbalists, those who have attained the highest state of nature, can be teachers. It depends on the root of the soul. Someone has it, someone does not. As in our world: a person can be a great scientist, but a terrible teacher, i.e., he is not given these abilities. But there are, on the other hand, those who teach extremely well, but they themselves are small fries.

Question: So, the connection with the upper world takes place through two components: a teacher and a book?

Answer: Yes. Therefore, this science is called “Kabbalah,” that is, “receiving,” including from the teacher.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 6/10/19

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In One Desire With The Creator

laitman_939.02Remark: One of the Kabbalistic principles of working in a group is to exalt the goal. Our goal is to come to the Creator; the Creator is a property of bestowal and we begin to play with this property.
The problem arises, “Why should I play with all this? I want real feelings, not simulated ones.”

My Comment: Do it! Please, everything is possible! But you are not in a state of true relationship of bestowal with each other.

You cannot even imagine what it means when all selfish thoughts and desires completely dissolve. Everything is exposed and only our inner part remains. That is, all our desires, with the help of the light, are combined into one single desire with the Creator.

We have not yet matured, but still have to do some kind of movement, called the game. Each person must act mechanically or artificially, to explain to oneself and one’s friends how we should be connected so the Creator will appear between us.

If we play correctly, we will discover the presence of the Creator between us, for this is the game. Moreover, the presence of the Creator will be more and more obvious and we will begin to understand how we should play. He will lead us.

He will be hiding and revealing himself. We will begin to work together with Him on our closer and more effective connection so that He will become clearly manifested between us.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/25/19

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Do Not Adapt Yourself To A Common Standard

laitman_942Question: In forming a relationship with friends, is it imperative that they feel, understand, and sense the same as I do?

Answer: No, it is not at all necessary. In a group, you can be on completely different levels. But this still means nothing. Do not strive to fit yourself under some common measure.

Each person should, as much as possible, positively influence others, unite them, fill them through himself, and most importantly, raise MAN to the Creator from all the friends in the group. In this case, we advance.

We should not compare who is more, who is less. After we come a little closer, we will begin to feel ourselves in a single system—in the ten— where the mutual combination of forces takes place. Therefore, it has everything in common: a common revelation of the Creator, a common light, and a common tension.

And although each of us is different from the rest, one has a higher sensitivity to sensations, the other has a sensitivity to knowledge, etc., but since all kinds of additions and calculations are taking place here, both sensory and physical, these are eliminated in the upper ten, for everyone, everything goes the same way, and for everyone, one Creator is revealed.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/1/20

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Faith Above Reason Requires A Special Mind

laitman_928Faith above reason requires a special mind. The fact is that the people of this world, you and I, each one of us, are built from egoism, the desire to receive, within which we feel all of reality.

We feel only that which can bring us pleasure or vice versa, cause us suffering, that is, plus or minus relative to our egoistic desire to live pleasant lives.

But here, a special approach is required of us. I do not want to feel what is pleasant or unpleasant to me, so I try to break free from this dependence, rise above it, and assess reality in terms of what is good or bad for others. In this way, I will begin to see what is outside of me. Otherwise, I do not see anything; the whole world for me is only what determines my own egoistic benefit.

I limit myself with this; I do not go beyond being an animal that thinks only of its own stomach or a small, naive child who understands only his own pleasure and does not take others into account.

Then, the child grows and seems to begin to take care of others, to see and understand the world more clearly. But, in fact, we do not see the world, we simply expand the field of our interests more and more, and can evaluate what will be in our favor and what will harm us.

The sensor with which we perceive reality is created from a single desire to receive; we must realize this. We live within our egoistic desire and this is called the creation of this world. In fact, there is no “this world, the future world, or the upper worlds.” There is only one reality that depends solely on our perception, on our attitude toward what is happening.

There are some phenomena in the world that we do not feel at all because our perception is determined only by what is good or bad for us. We just do not notice anything else.

If the signal is not picked up by my egoistic sensor, the desire to receive, either as positive or negative, then I do not feel it at all. Maybe something grand is happening around me, but I do not see anything.

Kabbalists who have attained the upper world say that it is right here. We do not need to go somewhere else, to the other end of the universe, to another galaxy, all the worlds are already here, next to us.
Only we do not feel them because we perceive reality only through one narrow parameter: I feel good or I feel bad. It turns out that all of reality is limited only by my primitive, egoistic interest.

But how can I see more, feel more, understand more, and start to come out of my cocoon? This is possible if I rise above the feeling of “I feel good or I feel bad” and acquire the quality of bestowal, the quality that is called faith. Then I will feel everything not in relation to my own benefit, but in relation to others.

If I begin to evaluate reality in this way, I will rise above myself and find a new sensory organ: faith above reason. This is how I enter a new, external perception of reality independent of my egoism. I will be able to feel what others feel outside of me and, thus, my view will become relatively objective depending on how much I can separate myself from my own interests.

I begin to see the objective reality that I was able to reveal: 125 spiritual degrees, five upper worlds, and I can then gradually develop this view until I am able to see everything that is outside of me. And what is outside of me is called the Creator or Boreh, meaning “Come and See.” Now, in my desire to receive, I see nothing, but I have the opportunity to attain the Creator, the reality that is outside of me.

Then, I will understand where I really live, what nature is, and what is happening to me. Therefore, this technique is called Kabbalah (receiving) because it teaches how to get a sense of all this boundless reality. A person who has developed such feelings is called a Kabbalist because he perceives reality objectively, not distorted in his egoistic perception but as it really is.

Even the very first exit from your egoism allows you to feel that the higher, spiritual reality exists! So, I begin to understand where I am, what I exist for, and why, as well as what process I must go through and what state I must achieve. Before that, we are completely blind, insensitive, and we have no way to look beyond our egoism. Only faith above reason can help us break free from it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/30/20, “Concerning Faith Above Reason”

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Envy Is A Tremendous Force

laitman_282.01I need a society that I will envy because thanks to this envy I can rise to its level. If I know how to use envy correctly, then I will attract the upper light with its help and it will raise me to the stage of the friends. This is a real miracle!

Otherwise how could our children, who were born helpless babies, grow up and master all our knowledge and still surpass us, become smarter than us and better understand the affairs of this world. It is due to the fact that they envied us, looked at us and tried to imitate everything we do, and therefore, they became smart and understand even more than we do.

Therefore, if we look at our friends and see that they are greater than us, then we will certainly grow up. So, I need a society as large as possible that consists of people that are great in my eyes so I consider myself the smallest of all. Then I’m guaranteed advancement. And I will advance not only in terms of the mind, but will also develop sensations that I do not have yet. And all due to envy.

If I see the greatness of a friend and in my egoism I want him to fall, this envy is destructive. But if I want to become like him and even bigger, then because of such envy I want to grow toward the Creator.

I must develop jealousy of every friend, and I can do it even with a complete beginner. After all, everyone has their own root of their soul; I look at him and see that he is special, that he is closer to the Creator.

I do not compare our personal distances with the Creator. But from his point, he will certainly be closer to the Creator than I am because I don’t have his point at all. Therefore, I have reason to envy absolutely everyone.

There is a light in the friend that can never be in me and this is the basis for envy. When can I turn this envy into unity and love?

Only at the end of correction where all will unite into one soul. But until then, I will look at a friend and see what is in him that is not in me and cannot be. Only at the end of correction when we connect will I receive this from merging with him.

There is always the opportunity to envy; I just need to take a closer look and I will see that others are closer to the Creator than I am. They are more connected with each other, but I seem to fall out of their circle, and this torments me. It seems to me that they want to get rid of a loser like me who cannot connect with anyone. They reveal to me how much my heart does not want unity.

Envy is a tremendous force, even stronger than love. Envy is a means of rising from step to step every time. Therefore, it is said that “the envy of those counting multiplies wisdom,” that is, those who calculate at what level they are, moving up the steps of wisdom (Hochma). The upper light is the light of Hochma (wisdom), and overcoming envy, they develop the light of Hassadim in themselves.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/20/20, Writings of Rabash, “Concerning Above Reason”

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