Highest Attainment Is Always Individual

528.01Question: Will the highest consciousness be felt in a particular individual?

Answer: The highest consciousness is felt only by a particular individual. There is also a group highest consciousness and possibly even global one, but in principle, it is always perceived by everyone individually. Even if it is a group one, I nonetheless perceive it in myself. And how do we perceive in our world? Also only in myself.

Question: We study that when the members of a Kabbalistic group unite and mutually interconnect, the higher-order essence is born. It is not clear, a cell also has consciousness, but this consciousness does not coincide with my consciousness as a result of the cells’ interconnection. How does it happen?

Answer: No, the attainment is always individual. Even if I unite with others and we create among ourselves a new generalizing sense organ that includes all our individual characteristics, I still feel it in my individual form. It all depends on my original qualities.

Question: In my perception, rising on higher levels, I, as if, become a cell of this high being, which is Adam – Man. Isn’t my individual perception and the result of the combined one the same thing? How does this being feel reality and how—I?

Answer: Here is a possibility of a group perception. As, let’s say, I look through a telescope, but at the same time perceive, this is I and not others. Although I am connected at the same with others, this mutual perception, even if it is mutual, is perceived in me. I don’t run away from myself anywhere, do not dissolve, and do not disappear.

Although we use such expressions as “annul myself,” it is nothing more than a metaphor. After all, even in this annulment, I still feel myself. And where else can I feel? In my desire. It does not matter what transformation it goes through, I am all the same in it.

Comment: But you say to feel through the ten, think about the ten.

My Response: This is also my desire. When I unite with the ten, it represents my desire. And each of the friends connected to the ten will feel the same inclusion in it, and this inclusion will be individual for each of them. And although each of us will feel others as part of ourselves, in the end, I will feel it through myself.

The inclusion of each comes from the root of his soul and will be individual. Here, we cannot be equal. As, let’s say, we are both drinking water now, but what you and I feel is impossible to compare.

Question: That is, there is no absolute intermixing as I imagined before?

Answer: No. On the contrary, thanks to our inability to fully unite with each other but are connected only as if by bridges above us —egoism is below and above it, there is a bridge—we get a much greater impression, multiplied by each overcoming of egoism.

Otherwise, we would dissolve into each other and would represent some common whole, leveling all nature, all creation.

Here, multiplication of our perception happens, as it is said in Kabbalah, by 620 times. But in general, it is infinite. Therefore, collective perception is one thing, and individual is still another.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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