How Do We Feel The Creator’s Revelation?

laitman_276_02Question: How is the revelation of the Creator felt? Is it in a couple or in a group?

Answer: The revelation of the Creator is felt in an absolutely private, individual way. It is never in a couple or in a group. It is the revelation of the relationship between a person and the Creator. A person’s relationship in a couple or a group are only the means for the revelation of the Creator to the individual.

Question: How can we describe the revelation of the Creator?

Answer: As an infinite, eternal sea of warm feelings.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/11/16

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  1. Lovely! Therefore there is emotion and feeling involved. So much better than an indifferent system of rules.

  2. I have been studying and reading Kabalah on this blog and Baruch for a reasonable period of time (2 years). I am still skeptical on the above topic. I also do not understand why the direct question: “Have you been there before? ” never receives a clear answer when no answer at all. Can you please help understanding?

    Daniela Zaccone

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