A Mediator For Revealing The Creator

laitman_934Question: Why do I need a mediator in the form of the group if only the Creator and I exist?

Answer: How will you find the Creator otherwise? The Creator is what we discover in the group, the attribute of unity.

Question: If we are a kind of instrument, a desire for revealing the Upper Light, how can we discover it?

Answer: Imagine that we are in an ocean of Light, that I am in a spaceship orbiting the earth. I am in an empty airless space, and I see darkness. Who is hiding the light from me? No one. So why don’t I see light instead of darkness? Because there is nothing out there that can reflect the light so that I will see its reflection. We don’t see the direct light that reaches us but only the returning light.

Think about the physical phenomenon of seeing a dark space, the travelers of a supersonic Concorde plane, for example, which rises to great heights in which there is little resistance and the light disintegrates, see a dark sky through the plane windows, not a white or blue sky.

We should understand that we can feel anything in the world only through our rejection, not by our reception. This is the reason I need a group, so that in the mutual cooperation with it, by rejecting it and by the group’s rejection of me, I discover the Upper Light. It is revealed only by our mutual rejection and attraction.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/9/16

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