The Nature Of Feminism

Laitman_004Question: What is the nature of feminism, and what is the reason for this phenomenon?

Answer: I believe that feminism is an egoistic distortion of the role of women in society, in the family, and in relation to themselves, and it reflects a lack of understanding of the woman of how to realize herself.

All tendencies and currents that are not strictly natural and traditional are considered to be distortions. Understandably, we must consider them, but they have no right to conduct propaganda regarding attitudes toward the world, life, and the sexes in order to attract others to their opinion.

Comment: In the past, the oppression of women and withholding the right to vote from them became a social phenomenon that produced a struggle for the sake of human rights.

Answer: That is a different matter. But now, feminism has become a deliberate drawing of attention to the female sex. And men are forced to react in a certain way to this and pay particular attention.

For example, I am often at various conferences and conventions, if there is are 20 in the presidium, there is a demand that the number be evenly divided, half men and half women, even if, in terms of their talents, they understand less about the subject under discussion. This is an erroneous western perception that will soon disappear.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/9/16

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One Comment

  1. I see a lot of ignorance towards the approach of feminism. which ticks me off. The fact that the answerer says that he finds feminism as “a deliberate drawing of attention to the female sex.”
    Remember the time when men were the centre of this universe and they drew the attention to themselves. Not only that but they also “forced” women to react to their existence, however meaningless, without any questions?
    Then why shouldn’t females ask a shared limelight?

    I do not think the example is the right kind of practice of feminism. But I disapprove of everything else. Nobody should welcome such a regressive thinking towards feminism. No male is forced to accept feminism. They are forced to accept that everyone is equal.

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