The Correct Attitude Toward The Sources

209Question: What is the correct thing to desire while reading the sources in order to be able to integrate with them in sensation correctly?

Answer: Everything we are given is necessary so that regardless of whether a person knows or does not know, understands or not, speaks Hebrew or has nothing to do with it, he connects it to the Creator. This applies to every person regardless of what he knows or understands.

So, whenever we read the sources during the lesson or whichever part of the wisdom of Kabbalah we study, you should think only about this: “How can I achieve the minimum connection with the Creator” without being wise guys! You will see that it is actually such a simple, I would even say naïve, attitude toward the text that works.

We are talking about more tools that we can use in order to hold on to the upper source and begin to focus it on ourselves in every direction.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 1/6/19

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