Feel The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You have suggested that I should try to feel “there is none else besides Him,” to imagine it, because it is not the reality I am in….

Answer: This is not the problem. The problem is nullifying yourself to such a degree that you feel that only the Creator exists.

Question: How? I don’t feel that He exists in our reality.

Answer: Ask. You turn towards a force that you don’t feel and ask Him to give you the possibility of feeling Him.

Feeling Him means becoming like Him. It means nullifying yourself since the feeling of self occurs because you are opposite to Him. And to that degree that you nullify yourself, you feel Him.

He and I cannot exist simultaneously. So you ask Him to nullify you, and with this, you will become like Him.

Repeat this many times together with the friends, and this will gradually begin to enter into your emotions. There is no other way.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/04/14, Lesson 1

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