At The Groom’s Meal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does overcoming above reason mean?

Answer: Above reason means above my current state, above how I feel and understand in my simple mind. Suddenly something unpleasant happens and I feel totally confused and cannot accept it in any way, and it simply cuts me off from reality.

I must first relate to it from the perspective called Beit Shammai that is accepted in the Talmud. It’s like an evaluator who writes a report about the current state listing all the facts, as if I assess a “bride exactly like she is.” I assess the state I am in: This is how I feel, and this is what I understand, and I have to be in this feeling and realization until they change.

There is another approach called Beit Hillel, and there is a dispute between the two. From the perspective of Beit Hillel, you should accept your state as the end of correction: “Everything is good and nice and is sent by the Creator; it is simply ideal.” This is the state I should reach, without annulling the assessment of Beit Shammai, which means that I don’t annul the real state. The state remains, and above it I establish the second real state.

When I reach a state that is compatible to Beit Hillel, I feel that it’s good in my new vessels and I understand and feel in my new vessels of perception that this is the real world of Ein Sof (Infinity). It isn’t that I just received some small illumination and agree and annul myself, but that I actually feel wholeness in my new vessels. The more changes, the more ascents and descents there are below, the higher above them I can build my new vessels in the opposite manner.

It works like an electric circuit that conveys positive and negative phases of alternating current to direct current. Therefore I need to work on two levels. On one level I work with what my body feels and what my mind understands, and above that, above my natural vessel, I establish a new vessel in which I need to see that “the bride is pretty and modest.”

If I build my new vessel correctly and perceive the bride correctly, I discover that the groom lands into my vessel (“groom” and “land” in Hebrew have the same root Hebrew). Thus we reach the coupling called “the groom’s meal” according to the name of the filling.

When I attain this state I can see that I was also at the groom’s meal before! But my vessels were not ready and so I didn’t feel the taste of being in the King’s palace but of some wretched hut in corporeality. Instead of the delicacies and the table set with plates of gold and silver, the wonderful music and the delicious scents of the King’s meal, I felt a bitter taste with my corrupt senses. In fact, I wasn’t in this world in the first place but in the world of Ein Sof, and it’s only because of my corruption that I saw this world instead.
From the preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/12/14

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