Feeling The Creator Is Called Faith

610.2The only thing we need is to reach faith. Feeling the Creator is called faith. This is the absolute opposite of the religious understanding of blind faith we are accustomed to in our world.

The force of faith is the force of Bina, and if we receive it, then within this quality of bestowal we begin to feel our root according to the equivalence of form with it. If I start bestowing at least a little bit, in this new quality I begin to feel the upper force according to my equivalence with it.

We attain the feeling of the Creator through the force of bestowal, and acquiring this force is called faith, the force of Bina. We feel the Creator even now, but we are not aware of this. We do not understand that it is He who is depicting the entire picture of the world: the universe, the stars, the Earth with all its inhabitants, inanimate matter, plants, animals, and people.

The Creator is concealed behind this entire picture because we are not yet similar to Him with our qualities, and therefore, we do not come into contact with Him. The law of the spiritual world is the law of equivalence of form.

Faith is a measure of the connection between a person and the Creator. Faith does not appear in a person just like that. First, you need to develop a desire to bestow, and this spiritual vessel (Kli) is called faith. Inside of it, you will receive the light of faith. The desire to bestow filled with the light of faith is called the degree of Bina.

The more a person corrects himself, the more he obtains the degree of Bina, the degree of faith, within which he feels the Creator more and more.

If I develop the quality of bestowal above my will to receive, that is, faith above reason, above the force of egoism, I begin to reveal the Creator to the extent of my equivalence with His qualities.

Then the question arises: What do I really feel, the Creator or the measure of my faith? In fact, I feel the “Divine part from Above” revealed within me, the force of bestowal. I call this force the Creator, come and see (Bo-Re). Before that, the Creator did not exist, but when I acquired the force of bestowal, He began to exist in me.

Kabbalah only speaks about the way to reach equivalence of form with the Creator, measure it, and develop it until we will begin to bestow to Him 100% and He to us.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson on 9/23/21, “Baal HaSulam. Shamati, 4. What Is the Reason for the Heaviness One Feels when Annulling before the Creator in the Work?”

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