Reincarnation Of The Soul: Everything Is Determined By The Ultimate Purpose

619Question: Can a soul be reincarnated in another race or nationality? Or are there some restrictions?

Once a woman of Tatar nationality asked me, “I moved from Tatarstan to the United States. Will I now be reborn as an American or in the next life will I emerge again in Tatarstan?”

Answer: No. This woman absolutely does not have to be born with the same qualities, the same nationality, and in the same country as the time before.

Unfortunately, we are very limited in our understanding of the world. The laws of the universe are absolutely the same in everything and for everyone. Therefore, we are not reborn into anyone. The quality of the soul determines the fate of a person.

Question: Do the same principles apply to Jews?

Answer: For Jews, these principles are more rigid. Those souls that have to carry out the method of correction in this world are born Jews. According to this, they are positioned in this way in our world.

Therefore, we see people who, during this life, suddenly join the method of correction. However, it does not mean anything for the next time.

Question: Is the gender of a person also predetermined or can it change?

Answer: The gender also changes depending on how a certain methodology should be carried out in this world. Therefore, a person is born either a man or a woman, of some nationality, and with some qualities. This is all determined by the ultimate purpose and what he must do in this life. All the parameters of our existence are manifested in accordance with this.

However, people should not get attached to this! The important thing is what I can make of myself! Everything else is not important. Among us were representatives of other nations, such as Rabbi Akiva, who became a great Kabbalist.

It all depends only on the person.
From KabTV’s “Ask a Kabbalist” 12/31/18

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