Far From The People….

laitman_263Opinion (Fyodor Lukyanov, editor in chief of the magazine Russia in Global Affairs, chairman of the Presidium of the “Council on Foreign and Defense Policy” NGO): “The world elite can not understand what is going on with all those whom they, in theory, should operate – their own population is increasingly distancing from these elites. …

“Why is this happening? The world’s elite are globalized. It is a combined establishment – American, French, German, Croatian, Chinese, etc. In fact, the different ‘upper classes’ have more in common with each other than with the national communities that they represent. It repeatedly pops out. The recent ‘Panamanian dossier’ has caused a strong reaction in the world. Why? Because in the worst possible moment another confirmation that this elite community, hides money offshore, while their compatriots are at risk of losing their savings in their homelands.

“So, in my opinion, the world is at a critical turn. The current model of globalization has reached the limit beyond which lies a dilemma: either the real world government, in any case – the government, which controls vast territories, communities and units, or the movement of globalized elites back to its roots, without which they, in fact, do not have legitimacy. …

“The next step is a rematch of people who believe that the elite have detached from them, forget about them and do not want to know what they need.”

My Comment: There is a limit to the control of any system: if the world is interdependent, it needs to be united, universal, and managed by a single institution or divided into subsystems and finding a mutual balance between them. The current situation, in which the elites are united and the lower class is separated, cannot continue for long.

Natural development is toward world government. But in the absence of a method of consolidation, the wisdom of Kabbalah, everyone believes that achieving such a state is impossible. Even though everyone is aware of the need for world government, they prefer to keep their distance rather than entering into a fight.

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  1. Where are the lost civilations going? Are they made up things?

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