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Terrorism In Israel Is Leading Us To Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (svoboda.org): “To carry out attacks in Israel, 13-year-old children are organized through social media networks. The main reason – the Palestinians are desperate due to not being the central focus of the media in the Arab nations.

“All of the Arab nations are in conflicts, with many of them beginning to look at Israel as an ally in their struggle with Iran, paying less and less attention to the Palestinian question that they became fed up with long ago.

“The Palestinian leadership wants to attract attention to itself somehow, since the Palestinian security forces aren’t participating in the campaign of violence against Israel and are cooperating with Israel. And that is how the game continues.

“The position of the United States matches their position. The Secretary of State blames Israel for the Palestinian oppression because Israel is building settlements in the West Bank and is trying to change the status quo on the Temple mount.

“Peace is imperative, but the maximum concessions that Israel is ready to make are far from the minimal demands of the Palestinians. Netanyahu is concerned about the presence of Hezbollah and more, the Iranian army within our borders. This is because Iranian military forces have already entered Syria to fight alongside Assad. Netanyahu has a better relationship with Putin than with Obama, even though there is no doubt that America is still our main ally.”

My Comment: We can rely only upon ourselves. We have no allies. But we have the most powerful weapon in the world, which is our unity, and if we attain it, we are invincible and can lead the whole world to that same state in which the Creator will be revealed.

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He Who Is Merciful To The Wicked

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (russian-bazaar): “Europe has in fact accepted its fate and doesn’t try to stop the Islamic wave that threatens to drown it. The borders between the European states are like torn down fences. Closing the borders would be considered an act of racism and asking the Muslims to become part of their new homeland will lead to growing xenophobia towards them. When we speak about numbers, probably many thousands are terrorists according to foreign media sources.

“This is the start of the fulfillment of the prophecy of Egyptian cleric Salem Abu El-Puticha: ‘the Islamic nation will return to power despite the West’s arrogance. The West will undoubtedly be destroyed. Allah destroyed the Byzantine and Persian empires and he will also destroy the West through the Muslims. These countries will convert to Islam, Islam will reach them.’

“The Muslims see themselves as those who have the absolute knowledge that enables them to rule the ‘heretics.’ Therefore everything the Arabs conquered in the 7th and 8th centuries belongs to Islam, including Spain, Sicily, the land of Israel and more. This isn’t only the view of the fundamentalists, but also of the level-headed Muslims. The main message of Islam is ‘the Muslims need to believe that Islam will eventually win and will replace the constitution of Sharia.’

“One of the problems of the modern world is the hatred that radical Islam feels towards the West. There is no sustainable solution to this problem. The world prefers to engage more in Israel, thinking that all of the modern world’s problems stem from Israel. Rabi Yohushua Ben Levi said: ‘He who is merciful to the wicked will eventually become wicked to the merciful.'”

My Comment: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, Islam will flood the whole world except for Israel, and when it swallows the world, it will turn everyone against Israel, but this will be its end. It is impossible to blame Europe of turning a blind eye to the current Islamic wave that is flooding it. Everything evolves according to the plan that is described in the wisdom of Kabbalah. Only the unity of the nation of Israel into one whole will help the world attain its greatest, most sublime future without any bloodshed.

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Why Is Israel Being Discarded?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (worldcrisis.ru):  “As far as it seems, Zionism has become obsolete and I don’t think that the world needs it anymore, as the nation state of Israel. The Rothschild family and the like simply used Zionism as an ideology for self-enrichment, so the Jews were only necessary material for them.

“An analysis of events from the last few years shows that they have already handed over Israel, handed over Zionism. Their plan and most important task is Israel and millions of other Jews to be annihilated. Since the beginning of the new millennium the rumors began that they were ‘discarding’ Israel.

“America still supports us, because their interests demand their permanent presence and influence in our area. So that they will maintain their interests, they have stood on both sides of the conflict in the Middle East and have not been interested in its solution. But today, the circumstances have changed, America has had enough fun and world support for the Palestinians has grown, whereas support for Israel has decreased.

“Information analyzed by United States intelligence: ‘Planning for a Middle East without Israel,’ noted that Israel cannot stand against the growing Palestinian power, whereas the American government doesn’t have the military resources and finances to continue supporting Israel.”

My comment: Everything depends only on us, on the people of Israel. After all, we are the only ones who are determining the state of the world! So it is necessary to see all the external pressure on us as pressure from Above to connect and unite. If we can implement unification, or at least the trend and tendency towards it, then before the eyes of the whole world, the situation in Israel and the entire world will be changed.

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The Blood Libel Of The United Nations

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Alexander Shoihet): “A United Nations report says that Israel has committed war crimes. This is a modern blood libel against Israel by the United Nations. In fact, all of the meetings of the United Nations consist of false accusations against Israel ‘committing genocide, apartheid and crimes against humanity.’

“The new report by the United Nations Commission rejects the right of Israel to self-defense. Only last year this society of anti-Semites called the United Nations, accepted 20 resolutions condemning Israel, and not even one against other nations in the Middle East. The United Nations is a world organization for ‘human rights’ in which Iran is a member of the committee for equal rights for women, Sudan oversees the preservation of human rights, Syria is at the head of the Human Rights Committee, in which Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and Saudi Arabia are also members! That is the United Nations.

“Why is Israel a member of this Nazi and anti-Semitic snake pit, why does it need to listen to all of this abomination, justify its actions to defend itself, and further pay a lot of money for this despicable assembly? Do we have so little respect for ourselves that we are still prepared to expect benevolence from these students and disciples of Hitler and Goebbels?”

My Comment: The United Nations is held out to be the representative of all the nations of the world that openly say to our face that we are to blame for all human disasters! And they are right! Our Torah tells us the same thing; all disasters come into the world only as a result of the actions of Israel.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains how through our unity, we must correct our negative and harmful influence on the world. The choice of the future world lies only in our hands, and so the accusations against us are justified. The nations of the world have no possibility of correcting the world and they express this openly with their accusations against the Jews.

It is up to us to explain within the United Nations, how all of us will jointly correct the world through applying pressure on the Jews and by helping them do so. In this way, hatred towards the Jews will force them to unite. So it is possible to say (jokingly) that the United Nations deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for “establishing peace among the Jews!”

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Anti-Semitism Raises Its Head In The United States

When I visited Los Angeles late last year, I gave an interview on the subject of anti-Semitism to the magazine Israeli Week, which is targeted to Israelis living in the United States. Here are excerpts from the published article.

In the world there are many anti-Semitic incidents, but the greatest and most powerful anti-Semitism that we have ever known will break out specifically in America. This will happen soon, and the Jews there will have nowhere to escape. The flame has already broken out on the university campuses, and this is only the beginning.

In interviews and speeches throughout the world, Dr. Laitman warns the Jews about being too frivolous while the land is already burning under their feet.

– Is it possible that seven million Jews and a million Israelis living in the United States today don’t understand events around them?

– Precisely so. This is happening right under their noses, but they don’t understand the extent of the problem. In the University of California in Los Angeles, a branch of the Students for Justice in Palestine, tried to compel the Student Council candidates not to go on a subsidized trip to Israel. The AASA academic association unanimously approved the boycott of Israeli universities.’

At the University of Michigan they called the pro-Israel students “dirty Jews.” And recently a professor at Temple University cast doubt about the death of the six million Jews in the Holocaust to encourage the community for an academic boycott of Israel. And this is only a small portion of examples that reflect this spirit that is only going to intensify.

– The Jews and the Israelis in the United States feel safe. The economy is flourishing, there is no threat of terrorism or any military threat, they live in peace and quiet.

– So what? Germany was also an advanced nation in which Jews held key positions and it seemed that they were secure. Six million people were murdered in the Holocaust, and German anti-Semitism was nothing compared to the anti-Semitism that will break out in the United States. It will be much more difficult and painful.

It is not pleasant for Jews to deal with the truth. However, these are not just horror stories, this is truly terrifying. The land of Israel is the only refuge to which they are meant to reach. And this would be preferable sooner than later. They don’t have time to waste. The Jews in the United States must understand that the Americans will not protect them; one cannot rely on this. In fact, the Jews there are putting themselves in a situation like Auschwitz.

In any case, the anti-Semitism will do the work. Soon it will put pressure on the Jews throughout the world to come to Israel. I know that at the moment it is just about impossible to convince them, but the pressure will begin much sooner than they think.

-So what is the solution? I suppose that now you will turn me towards the wisdom of Kabbalah?

– Yes, only in the wisdom of Kabbalah is there a foundation that will lead to a solution. The wisdom of Kabbalah – is a science that reveals how the world is managed and how we, humans, must act within it to influence this system. If we don’t work on the system in which we live, then we are like wild animals – subject to control, and advancing like lambs to the slaughter.

So it is up to us to investigate and understand how this system around us works with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Then we will take the “reins” into our hands and can influence what is happening. Only after a person takes the “reins” into his hands, does he get freedom of choice.

– Do you have an explanation for anti-Semitism that can lead to a solution, which until now many others have not found?

– Recently I met with a world-renowned scholar who studies the phenomenon of anti-Semitism. He said to me that in his study he didn’t find an answer to this question. He only understands that anti-Semitism is irrational. In regard to hatred of Jews, this doesn’t ever happen in regard to any other nation.

We are even hated by people with whom we never had contact. Researchers see these phenomena, but don’t investigate them in depth. They don’t understand the causes and the effects, they don’t know if it is possible to soften them and how it would be possible to do this.

The wisdom of Kabbalah takes us back to Abraham. The Creator asked Abraham for Israel to become a “Light to the Nations” through the principle, “And you shall love your friend as yourself.” What happened in Babylon is happening to us today all over the world. So there was a small group of people living in the world who felt that they were all connected with each other. However, their ego rose up to the heavens and this led to hatred between them.

They found two approaches for getting out of this situation. The popular approach was to move away from each other and settle in different places. But the approach of Abraham, who was known as a great spiritual leader, was different. He claimed that it was necessary to come closer to each other, and to be based upon love instead of hatred. He taught his group to live with love – so that love would rise above the hatred and would not give the ego the ability to manage it. This group became the people of Israel.

However, through the years, the ego rose again, and again unfounded hatred broke out until everything fell apart. And then we found ourselves in spiritual and physical exile, and since then we became distant from each other.

– Ego and love – is this all that there is? This seems like too simple an explanation.

– And we don’t need more. If there is no love, we are not a people; instead we are a group that doesn’t know in the name of what it exists. So we “merited” the hatred from all people.

Love is a “spice” that must be added to the evil inclination to “spice up” the ego. Love is what we must give to the nations, for this is what they are waiting for.

The nations of the world claim that the Jews control the world and all evil comes from them. If so, they are found in the hands of the Jews, and only the Jews can change the world. What the nations don’t understand is that we cannot disappear. They still don’t want to acknowledge this.

And so first of all it is necessary to hate the people of Israel, and it is up to us to shorten this process as much as possible. With the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah, we can transform the hatred into love and to convey it further to the rest of the world.

– How can one eliminate the ego?

– My ego is not under my control. I only know that it is not possible to destroy or reduce it, it can only continue to grow more and more. When we “spice up” the evil inclination, the ego, through devotion to love of others, then it is possible to “eat” the ego instead of being strangled by it.

Today we are living in a “small global village”, and we are prepared to convey this message to the world. When we become a leading group, we can change our destiny, as well as influence the anti-Semitism.

While we are not doing this, a new Holocaust will continue to approach us with giant steps. We will reach what happened in Germany seventy years ago – only this time on a larger scale and with greater force, all over the world, in which simultaneously it will be decided to exterminate the Jews.

This is not just a grim prophecy. This is a reality that is being revealed here and now.

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Only Israel Will Save Western Civilization

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Dr Dan Schueftan, head of  National Security Research Center – Haifa University): “We should only deal with managing the conflict which means to continuously engage in improving their life, but this is management and not an attempt to resolve the conflict. The root of the unique problem of the Israeli society is the fact that the Arabs are a minority in our state, but a minority that feels that it is the majority because it is the majority in the Middle East. The Jews, on the other hand, are the majority in this state but they have a strong feeling that they are a minority.

“The global situation affects the Arabs and they feel that they are part of the big Arab world. If the global Arab society tries to solve its structural problems and turns to barbarism, part of the Israeli Arabs also show their interest in these ideas. It is actually this paradox of consciousness of the Israeli Arabs that leads to the conflict and the confrontations which cannot actually be resolved. Any attempt to solve this conflict only worsens the situation and threatens the existence of the state of Israel.

“The point is that Israel appears to be a colonial enterprise, but the attempts to change it according to western models may destroy its foundations. The peace agreement of ‘two states for two nations’ actually leads to the creation of two states: a western one and one that is not Jewish, gradually turning the state of Israel into an Arab state.

“The Israeli Arabs have never seen themselves as Israelis and they don’t want to see themselves as such, but they wish neither to leave “evil” Israel nor join the ‘wonderful’ Palestinian state that will sometime be founded.. They want to live in Israel, but not accept it as their state. This is typical of the Middle East. The Arab society has realized that it will not be able to come close to western society in its standard of living. It is actually drawing further away from it and will not be any better in the future as the process of destruction in the Middle East continues.

“What stands in the way of the Middle Eastern states catching up with the western states is the intolerance and the reluctance to accept others. If a person treats his wife like an object, you can invest as much money as you wish, but it will never be a western society, and science and a western lifestyle will never be developed. Only those who exhibit extreme attitudes can count on the support of the masses.

“Arab immigrants in European countries and in the US develop their own self image, thus preserving from what they have escaped. The Americans stubbornly believe that democratic principles will be accepted by both the Arab immigrants and the Middle East; that everything will change for the better and everyone will live by western standards. But the genie is bursting out of the bottle destroying everything around it and things are getting worse and worse. The only saving of the west and of America is a change of attitude regarding the Arab problem.

“Of all the states in the western world, the situation is Israel is the best because we understand this problem. If anyone can save western civilizations it is us.”

My Comment: The wisdom of Kabbalah sees this problem as given to us from Above so that we will develop spiritually.

And, I see the same solution: only Israel can save western civilization!

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Jewish Business News Article

On Monday evening, July 20th, I gave a lecture at the Jewish Center Rigo Park in Queens, New York on what brings people to separate the Jews, and what the solution is for the sharp rise in anti-Semitism.


My article on the subject was published in the Jewish Business News journal.

In contrast to the reservations and mixed feelings I encountered in lectures about the role of the Israeli nation that I gave in the US in the past, I was surprised by the change I felt in the audience and their readiness to listen and accept the approach I presented.

I don’t take credit for this achievement since we first must thank anti-Semitism for making the Jewish nation ready to listen and hear about the unique and critical mission that they must fulfill in uniting all of humanity.

There is a lot to be done, of course, but the first step toward any change begins with a change in awareness, and I believe that the change in our awareness already is taking place. If this lecture signifies anything about the future of American Jews, I think it is definitely a step in the right direction.

How To Achieve True Democracy

Dr. Michael LaitmanSingapore Experiment: The Right Dictatorship

Question: In March this year, Lee Kuan Yew, one of the founders of the “Singapore economic miracle,” died. On an empty spot on the edge of a swampy Malaysia, with nothing around but an English military base, within a short period of 50 years, the most prosperous nation in the world was established. But in this nation, there is not a speck of democracy in the sense that we understand it in the developed nations. How did this nation succeed in doing what large nations like America and England have done, while maintaining the strictest leadership and dictatorship of law?

Answer: I don’t perceive democracy in the same way as it exists everywhere, or that that deserves to be called a democracy. This is not the rule of the people, but its imitation: A handful of people take control over all the economic, political, social, and military resources; they say there is a democracy, and that they operate in the name of the people.

As long as we are under the influence of internal egoism without the altruistic force of nature to balance it, there cannot be a democracy. A democracy is built on contrast, a counterweight and a balance between two forces, which are positive and negative: our ego and the force of bestowal and love. There is a force of hatred and rejection and a power of attraction and connection, which must be balanced with each other. If the ego is balanced by a positive force, then it cannot be evil. And conversely, love and bestowal without the ego can lead to even worse extremism than the ego.

In other words, we were created in a system that is in a balance of plus and minus, between which what remains is only to ignite some kind of tension that gives the right orientation for all the work of the system. And if the positive force doesn’t exist or it is minimal and exists only in fear of annihilation, then we don’t have the conditions for a democracy. We “fall out” of the system in which the two forces are revealed. And therefore when we exist only in an egoistic system, what is most suitable for us is the correct dictatorship.

If a king rules a nation, then he takes care of his nation, his subjects, he doesn’t annihilate them, and they consider him to be great! He is the master! But in a democratic nation, there is no master. We let an election decide who operates the steering wheel for two, three, or four years, and then what? What do the elite care about what will be after that?! They will not be elected again, so they need to grab everything they can while they are in control.

So the dictatorship in Singapore is a wonderful system of government. Democracy in the form of a Sanhedrin.

Question: I have heard that the correct head of the state should be Kabbalists, who knowing the laws of nature,  will manage it in the interests of the entire society. What will be the basis of the moral drive of their behavior? Wouldn’t they be infected with greed; won’t they want to get rich after they attain control?

Answer: There is a concept such as the Sanhedrin (great assembly), where 120 Kabbalist sages gather, connect in a circle, and discuss all the issues on the agenda. The discussion is not based on differences of opinion, which is typical of our world, where it is believed that truth is born through debate. There is no truth in debate, because from the start it keeps us on a beastly level and we cannot rise above that. And we must rise above ourselves, because our stage can only lead to a higher level. We seem to rise to our next level, from which it is possible to see how to reach it.

This happens when people unite into a single, complete unit in spite of all the differences of opinion, and by annihilating their ego, they reach a common heart and mind together. This is a unique inner tension and practical work. From a state of unity, and only with this, they complement each other; they begin to come to a common opinion. But it is not connected to personal opinions; rather, is felt through a common unity. It is in this form that the system of governance for the nation and the people should be manifested.

How can strife and discord be avoided?

Question: Today many nations are trying to recreate this model to one degree or another. Take for example Turkey, in which the government has gradually become concentrated in the hands of one person, or Russia, that doesn’t even hide that it lives and thrives thanks to one person. There are also a multitude of other examples in less developed nations. Does it follow that the formation of governmental pyramids like this is the only way it is possible for humanity to go? So, where is it possible to take people like these who are satisfied with such a method of management?  And eventually in Singapore, which was not originally corrupt, all the key places became occupied by relatives of Lee Kuan Yew. Ultimately, some kind of caste was created.

Answer: Certainly this model cannot exist forever in an ideal state once bribery, power struggles, and the like begin. For some time it can hold its position on some ideal, but after that, everything deteriorates along the usual egoistic tracks.

Question: How would the Kabbalists avoid reaching this situation in the management of the nation?

Answer: The fact that they are united among themselves, the 120 greatest sages of the people would avoiding conflict and differences of opinion. Specifically in this situation, they would begin to discuss some issue and from their unity, they would receive an answer. After all, the unity between them is their next goal, which they must reach and include all people with them.

Question: Do discussions in circles, which your students organize, constitute a small version of this form of unity?

Answer: Yes. Discussions in the form of roundtables are organized all over the world, not just in Israel. We actively create a gathering, a discussion circle of men and women, who implement the unity by detaching and rising above themselves. Each one invests himself in the others and everyone yearns to be absolutely equal, with none greater or smaller in any way. We aspire to find a precise system of inner balance between us and pursue it so that all will be equal and integrated with each other, will lose himself in our unity, and from “I” will come to a state of “we.” Then, from the state of “we,” come to a state of “one,” as one person with one heart.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 4/1/15

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Has The US Lost Its Role As Underwriter Of The Global Economic System?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Lawrence Summer, American economist, President Emeritus, Charles W. Eliot University Professor – Harvard University, former Treasury Secretary): “This past month may be remembered as the moment the United States lost its role as the underwriter of the global economic system. This failure of strategy and tactics was a long time coming, and it should lead to a comprehensive review of the US approach to global economics. With China’s economic size rivalling America’s and emerging markets accounting for at least half of world output, the global economic architecture needs substantial adjustment. Political pressures from all sides in the US have rendered it increasingly dysfunctional.

“With US commitments unhonored and US-backed policies blocking the kinds of finance other countries want to provide or receive through the existing institutions, the way was clear for China to establish the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. There is room for argument about the tactical approach that should have been taken once the initiative was put forward. But the larger question now is one of strategy. Here are three precepts that US leaders should keep in mind.

“First, American leadership must have a bipartisan foundation at home, be free from gross hypocrisy and be restrained in the pursuit of self-interest. As long as one of our major parties is opposed to essentially all trade agreements, and the other is resistant to funding international organisations, the US will not be in a position to shape the global economic system.

“Other countries are legitimately frustrated when US officials ask them to adjust their policies — then insist that American state regulators, independent agencies and far-reaching judicial actions are beyond their control. This is especially true when many foreign businesses assert that US actions raise real rule of law problems.

“The legitimacy of US leadership depends on our resisting the temptation to abuse it in pursuit of parochial interest, even when that interest appears compelling. We cannot expect to maintain the dollar’s primary role in the international system if we are too aggressive about limiting its use in pursuit of particular security objectives.

“Second, in global as well as domestic politics, the middle class counts the most. It sometimes seems that the prevailing global agenda combines elite concerns about matters such as intellectual property, investment protection and regulatory harmonization with moral concerns about global poverty and posterity, while offering little to those in the middle. Approaches that do not serve the working class in industrial countries (and rising urban populations in developing ones) are unlikely to work out well in the long run.”

My Comment: I don’t want to be like an armchair political observer, reflecting on whether it is good for the Jews, but the truth is that the good in the long run will only be what is consistent with the program of creation, which is to bring all humanity to one body.

In the last 20 years, the United States has performed a different function: divide and conquer. Therefore, not only is the US losing the role of economic leader but also its role as being an example to the world.

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The Idleness Of The European Parliament

Dr, Michael LaitmanI read in the article “Russian Germany,” that in 2015, only a few dozen laws were dealt with in the European parliament, which is made up of 751 representatives.

Maintaining this creative legislative army costs the taxpayer 1.7 billion Euros every year. According to this year’s prospects, the representatives will readily accept this decrease in their activities and will go on about their own business without any sense of there being a problem.

My Comment: I believe that this is how the composition (of the EU ) is gradually making itself obsolete and irrelevant. However, this may be quite beneficial, since many people have learned from this project, which was a failure from the start. The only reason for its failure was that it was not based on any form of integration but on simple, egoistic calculations. Because all of this is taking place in an era of true integration of nature any form of artificial integration is doomed to fall apart. On the whole, this project will eventually have  to be shut down completely.

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