Terrorism In Israel Is Leading Us To Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (svoboda.org): “To carry out attacks in Israel, 13-year-old children are organized through social media networks. The main reason – the Palestinians are desperate due to not being the central focus of the media in the Arab nations.

“All of the Arab nations are in conflicts, with many of them beginning to look at Israel as an ally in their struggle with Iran, paying less and less attention to the Palestinian question that they became fed up with long ago.

“The Palestinian leadership wants to attract attention to itself somehow, since the Palestinian security forces aren’t participating in the campaign of violence against Israel and are cooperating with Israel. And that is how the game continues.

“The position of the United States matches their position. The Secretary of State blames Israel for the Palestinian oppression because Israel is building settlements in the West Bank and is trying to change the status quo on the Temple mount.

“Peace is imperative, but the maximum concessions that Israel is ready to make are far from the minimal demands of the Palestinians. Netanyahu is concerned about the presence of Hezbollah and more, the Iranian army within our borders. This is because Iranian military forces have already entered Syria to fight alongside Assad. Netanyahu has a better relationship with Putin than with Obama, even though there is no doubt that America is still our main ally.”

My Comment: We can rely only upon ourselves. We have no allies. But we have the most powerful weapon in the world, which is our unity, and if we attain it, we are invincible and can lead the whole world to that same state in which the Creator will be revealed.

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