The Destruction Of Western Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Michael Khazin, economist and political research analyst): “Modern society bears a heavy contradiction within itself: it is organized post-industrially; its management system is built on the feudal principle of a rigid vertical; the elite is arranged by tribal lines. As a result, problems arise all the time.

One of the ways to overcome them is to increase the number of wealthy people – the financial elite. Due to the credit system, the number of rich people increased by 10 times compared with what the economy can sustain. This allowed to greatly decrease the destructive activity of talented and energetic people, who normally could not have access to the “system” since it is just not big enough.

“Two questions arise: First – What can be done with those who are active, but not rich yet? Where could they be pushed? To fascists? To communists? To Wahhabis? All three options are extremely dangerous for the government and the elite, but the alternative is not visible. Second – What can be done with those active and already competent, who are still rich, but due to circumstances will soon cease to be?

“To put it bluntly, using the activity of those who have already lost all hopes for the future (including those who have already become either a Wahhabi or a fascist), the nouveaux riches may try to topple the current government and its elite under the pretext that they could not avoid a huge crisis, with which they do not know what to do. In my opinion, this is the main danger for the modern elite.

“In the past decade, the share of profits which the financial sector redistributes in its favor grew at least 5 times – from 10 to 50%.  As the crisis develops, it will fall in the best case for financiers to the same 10% (and most likely even more). The economy itself will fall by 50% in the developed countries, which means that in absolute terms the financial sector will be reduced by an order of 10 times. How many people who will be left in it who will be able to maintain a standard of living above the average? Where will those who today provide luxurious consumption go?

“This conflict – between the elite and the “nouveau riche” who have grown over the past decade – will become the basis for the destruction of Western society and the entire liberal ideology.

My Comment: The egoistic ties that held and developed society throughout centuries are broken, and the egoistic society that developed naturally and existed for tens of thousands of years is beginning to break down. This destruction is not like the transition from one regime (formation) to the next; it is the destruction of all the foundations of society; it is the transition to new, altruistic ties, through suffering or the awareness of the need.

This type of public relations needs new people for whom a feeling of life is in the property of bestowal upon others and not in the property of reception from others. This is a form of anti-world. It can be obtained only under the influence of the Upper Light that can be attracted only by the method of integral education (Kabbalah).

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