What Is The One Who Fears The Creator Afraid Of?

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Disclosing a Portion, Covering Two”: … the secrets of the Torah are revealed only to those who fear His Name, who keep His Glory with their hearts and souls…

Even though we tend to feel “reverence,” we must realize that trepidation is a law that we are talking about here. The Book of Zohar writes that fear of the Lord is the first condition, the first correction that precedes the next step, love. If one doesn’t yet feel trepidation or has not yet acquired the vessels of bestowal, the level of Bina, one cannot attain the Creator.

That’s why it is said that the secrets of the Torah are revealed only to those who fear Him. The vessels have to be corrected so that the Light can dress in them due to the equivalence of their properties. We are not talking about ethical teachings here, but about a firm conformity to the law. A “mystery” is something that is revealed to one who fears the Creator, i.e. to those who rise in their self-correction to the level of Bina. Only they happen to reveal things that were previously hidden from them.

It is said in Midrash Rabbah: “Everybody who fears Me and follows the directions of the Torah has the whole Torah and the entire wisdom in his heart.” A simple condition applies here: similarity of properties between the vessel and the Light.

Question: This excerpt is about those who “fear His Name, who keep His Glory with their hearts and souls…” Is it the same thing?

Answer: No. “Fear” means that one has a screen and the reflected Light at a level of Bina, whereas “keeping His Glory” is at a higher level. The Torah contains the words of Moshe (Shemot, 33:18): “Show me Your Glory.” This is a level of Hochma, a perfect faith, vessels that receive for the sake of bestowal.

On the other hand, we bestow through vessels/desires that tremble in front of the Creator, thus we initiate our “acquaintance with the Creator,” yet a passive one – same as in this world where we live without knowing much about it with the exception of things that provide our sustenance.  In spirituality it is quite similar; an analogue situation precedes the next step – the revelation of the Creator that lets us penetrate in His laws, His nature. How do we do this? For that, we have to receive the Light of Hochma; it becomes possible only if we keep and reveal His Glory. His Glory is in fact the Light of Hochma.

That’s why it is said: “Show me Your Glory.” It’s about seeing and knowing.

Question: What does it mean “to fear the Creator”? What do we have to be afraid of?

Answer: The one who experiences trepidation in front of the Creator is afraid that he won’t be able to please Him maximally. We should not worry about ourselves, our families, or about this world, but just about Him. If we keep His Glory, that is, reveal the Light of Hochma, it’s even better. However, for that we have to use not only the vessels of bestowal but also the ones of receiving.

As to trepidation, let’s say you love and respect somebody very much. It means that you constantly think of what you can do for those you love and how to please them.

Question: What pleases the Creator?

Answer: If you constantly think about this, you’ll find the answer. He needs your concern. If you really are eager to know what exactly He likes because you want to please Him, it’s already the Reflected Light. The Creator will reveal Himself and will show you what you are supposed to do on one condition: that you enjoy taking care of Him and are happy having the opportunity to please Him.

In this case He interacts with you and you both give pleasure to each other. By doing so, you feel love.

Question: Who exactly do we want to please? Who is the Creator?

Answer: You should be careful and never materialize these notions. “The Creator” (Bo-Re) is the property of bestowal that reveals Himself in us according to the principle “Come and See” (Bo-Re). We “play” and “have fun” with Him and He enjoys our “company.” We should not treat this property as a personality, but rather as the Upper Root.

Question: What do I have to imagine before this reveals in me?

Answer: There are certain details of perception that are inbuilt in us and let us see the upper reality. Gradually, we transition from love of the creations to loving the Creator. This level is gradually formed and built in us.

The answers to fundamental questions are hidden: Why does this step appear above our current nature? Why is it contrary to our egoistic desires? Why are creations built this way? Why is it so arranged that in the creation’s search of the Creator has to be “above reason” and go against its desires? …

In any case, now, we do not have any idea of who the Creator is, nor should we “draw” Him in one form or another.

Question: How should I relate to the upper force at this time?

Answer: You have to relate to it through your friends and your teacher. In this case, you won’t make mistakes.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/13/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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