Characteristics Of Our Times

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn our days a very great conflict is being created between the elites and the impoverished masses. With every passing day the gap between them grows and is acquiring threatening dimensions. The tension is growing in society. We see how nationalistic, fascists regimes are gradually rising in many countries as a natural reaction to what is happening.

The elites cannot part from the movement towards wealth. With each devaluation, they are becoming wealthier, while the masses become more and more impoverished and lack perspective. A serious problem is created in society. The tension and polarity reach very great dimensions and already begin to be felt in the developed nations.

The third world nations still live in poverty and it’s doubtful if their inhabitants will ever succeed in reaching a condition of wellbeing. A question about the future of the world is appearing: What can be done about all this? The wisdom of Kabbalah warned about the development of events like these. What we talked about 10 – 15 years ago is beginning to be realized now; moreover, this is being realized very rapidly.

We can expect to see conditions that will not be good for us. People feel this. The feeling of no escape can be seen in their lack of desire to raise families, to give birth to children. A tremendous number of people living in the western nations and in America (65 – 70%) suppose that it will be much worse for their future children than it is for them; therefore, they don’t want to give birth to them.

In such a complicated time like this, the wisdom of Kabbalah has appeared, a hidden method for changing the world, which has waited for this moment and which warned about it many years ago. We know that Baal HaSulam traveled to Poland to convince people of the need to change. He wrote to many leaders in the world trying to prevent the Second World War. For Kabbalah speaks about this, that according to the development of creation in four stages there may be four world wars.

Kabbalah begins to proclaim louder and louder that it has a means for helping the world that has no need for anything besides this. We see how the greatness and importance of scientists and philosophers has fallen, how the leaders of the nations are gradually impotent. This is the natural movement of evolution which cannot be stopped.
From the Moscow Virtual Convention “Unity Without Boundaries” Day Three 12/15/13, Lesson 5

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