The Natural Evolution Of Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We are accustomed to the fact that in order to change society we should have some kind of plan….

Answer: There is no plan! There is only natural progression! How did humanity originally evolve? According to the same principle! We cannot make a plan like Baron Munchausen’s: Tomorrow at nine o’clock in the morning do something heroic, because this is true and natural development.

The main thing is to combine the second altruistic force and allow nature to develop the integral society comfortably, there is no need for anything more than this. It will build itself by itself. Only in this way do we make the right society; nature does this. It summons in us some drive and we apply it further, making an effort and scrambling like a sperm that finds its way and produces a new life.

So the old society will begin to organize an additional system, a new society.

This system is built in a natural way. There are no obligations and dictates in it. We don’t tell anyone what to do, rather only teach people how to mutually communicate between them correctly through the principles of bestowal and love. There is nothing more than this.

Egoism is simmering in you all the time. But in opposition to it, with the help of the surrounding society, the examples and support from the friends, you try to show yourself as loving and bestowing to the environment.
From Kab TV’s “An Integral World” 10/24/13

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