The Secret Of Universal Equality

600.02Question: What is equality between people?

Answer: If we build a society in such a way that a person will have satisfaction from it: “I did it, and everyone sees it, everyone knows, everyone understands and thanks me,” then there is no greater pleasure for that person. He will be ready to work from morning till night. It is only necessary to properly build a chain of public relations.

There will be no equality ever and there is no need. It is not programmed by nature. It does not exist in the animal pack either. What equality exists there? There is a leader, followed by a pair of males helping him, and all the others trail behind. Equality is not programmed by nature. Equality is leveling, it is death.

Comment: But you say that the last generation should be built on the principles of equality.

My Response: Equality means that everyone has an equal right to realize themselves according to their natural abilities and capabilities. Everyone should have equality in realization, in the opportunity to express themselves.

Let us say I was born in a family of rich, strong people, and someone was born in a family of weak, poor people. It does not matter. There should be equality in the opportunity to move forward and not in the fact that everyone was trimmed to the same size.

The next stage will really be like this. When a person begins to receive only spiritual reward and this will be enough for him, when he realizes that for a normal existence he does not need more than what his animal body requires and everything else will be revealed to him as a spiritual reward, a connection with a higher power, with eternity, harmony, and perfection, then the people themselves will consciously cease to be interested in some kind of earthly rewards.

They will not need any medals, no extra money, nothing, and all the rewards will be spiritual because the connection with the Creator will be opened before them.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Hope for Peace” 9/9/09

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